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Bolt serves up innovative tennis racquets
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Bolt racquets  |  Site built by www.Pixafy.com

Bolt, founded by Brett Bothwell, sells tennis racquets that are developed to decrease arm and elbow injuries while improving performance. As their tech solutions partner, we were excited to see their recent press from New York Business Journal discussing some of the ways Bolt is innovating in the world of tennis equipment.

Bothwell, an architect before starting Bolt, used his architectural and engineering know-how to design a racquet that could cushion the ball’s impact on the frame by using a spring suspension system. These strings respond to the ball dynamically, helping to relieve impact on players’ bodies, creating “innovation you can actually feel.”

Pixafy has been Bolt’s tech partner for some time, working with our good friends at Red Antler who developed the branding and website, to help achieve the company’s vision.

Pixafy built a customized eCommerce and CMS site for Bolt, integrating Magento and Joomla! to allow for a smooth shopping experience, as well as ease of updating site content. We also built in a unique demo experience, allowing for ordering and management of demo racquets by potential customers with minimal intervention by the Bolt team.

To ensure a seamless experience, we trained the Bolt team on how to maximize the use of their store and CMS platform. In addition, Bolt uses Pixafy’s hosting solution, for dependable hosting that’s optimized to get the most out of your site.

Congratulations to Bolt for the great article! If you’re interested in trying Bolt’s racquets or ordering one for yourself, visit their website.


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