10 free apps to help boost productivity

Posted by Pixafy Team

10 free productivity apps | Pixafy

Streamlining your daily operations? Who couldn’t use a boost! No matter what you do, you can always benefit from simplifying some of your daily processes to increase productivity. We asked the Pixafy team to list some of our favorite apps for raising productivity. These helpful time-savers can keep you more organized and on-track than ever before. Check out our list of 10 free apps to help boost productivity:

  1. IFTTT
    Did you ever wish you could put different parts of the internet to work for you? Now you can, with IFTTT! Enabling you to connect various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, and more, this app allows you to harness scripted profiles called “recipes” to trigger actions. These recipes fall under an “if this / then that” model. For instance, you can use a recipe that creates a calendar reminder to pay your bills when you get an email about a phone/internet bill. This type of automation can be utilized to perform a number of tasks, including ones that boost productivity and reduce your time spent performing tasks manually. Check out the existing “Recipes” section for some useful possibilities, but even more awesomely, you can create your own!
  2. The WordPress App
    WordPress is a clear favorite for Content Management Systems. To update your site and/or blog content on-the-go, the WordPress app is a super-useful tool. You can work on drafts and posts for various projects when they’re fresh in your mind, while keeping on the move at the same time.
  3. ColorNote
    This simple list-making app let’s you color-code your information. It’s great for staying organized and better than Google Keep because it saves locally with an option to back it up online when you choose to do so. Its intuitive interface and reminders will keep you on track with your tasks.
  4. Google Drive
    Great for file storage and synchronization of documents, Google Drive enables you to share files and edit documents collaboratively.
  5. Wunderlist
    From tracking your work tasks to your grocery list, Wunderlist makes it easy to manage and share your to-dos. You can add web content to the application straight from your browser. With great features like list sharing and cloud sync, you have the tools to organize your schedule from top to bottom!
  6. Evernote
    When you’re on a roll with great new ideas for work and personal tasks, Evernote allows you to jot down thoughts and tasks while on-the-go. You can also sync up with both your personal and work computers. And who doesn’t enjoy ticking off checkboxes after successfully completing an item of the to-do list? At the week’s end, reviewing all of your completed items helps you digest what you focused on and prioritize where more time should be spent the following week.
  7. LogMeIn
    It can be challenging to get work done while traveling. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily access your files remotely, even when commuting or vacationing? LogMeIn let’s you do just that. There are both free and paid plans.
  8. Buffer
    Whether you’re a business owner, social media guru, or simply a “digicitizen,” chances are pretty good that you maintain social media profiles on a few channels. Do you want to update your business and/or personal Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts with one easy-to-use interface that lets you queue up your posts in advance, add UTM codes, and see which posts get the most engagement? Buffer app does a great job at all of the above! You can manage multiple social media accounts with the app and utilize extensions and extras to suit your needs.
  9. Spotify
    An indirect productivity-booster, listening to some great tunes on Spotify can help get you into work mode. Nothing gets you in the zone like your favorite work-montage playlist!
  10. PSR.exe
    This “hidden” gem of a tool is built right into Windows. PSR.exe, or the “Problem Steps Recorder,” is a handy little app that takes screenshots of everything you interact with and records some associated data about running processes, metadata, and more. It’s pretty useful for generating step-by-step accounts of exactly how you found that naggy little bug! More info on PSR here and here.

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