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Certifiably awesome: A look at Pixafy’s Magento Certified Developers

Posted by Pixafy Team | Friday, November 8, 2013

Certifiably awesome: A look at Pixafy's Certified Magento Developers | Pixafy

As a Magento Gold Solutions partner, Pixafy has extensive knowledge and expertise regarding Magento platforms, and have been recognized internationally as a leader in the field. We’re not usually one to toot our own horn, but developing top-notch eCommerce sites on the Magento platform? We’re big on that!

The backbone of the operations are our Magento developers; with 14 (and counting!) certified Magento Developer Plus and Front End Developers, our team of tech experts continues to grow. Here’s a closer look at each certification and the process in which a developer must go through to become certifiably awesome… uh sorry, we mean Magento certified!

Magento Certified Developer Plus

A certified Developer Plus is skilled in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition, having explored the many finite details of Magento with a deep understanding of all things eCommerce and web development.  In a nutshell, they are part of an elite group that can navigate the complex platform with ease. The qualification process includes an extensive 120-minute multiple choice exam that covers all areas of Magento development

Magento Certified Front End Developer

Front end developers who earn this certification show a thorough understanding of Magento’s theming components and the ability to modify the user interface according to best practices. They can create and customize Magento themes including templates, CSS, and Javascript, while implementing design-related system configurations in the admin panel.

Kurt Kemple, a Pixafy Front End Developer speaks on his certification process.

“It was relatively fast and painless, as I studied a lot. I prepped by reading the Magento Design Guide, setting up mock shops, and taking a few practice tests.”

Not only does Magento certification help earn trust from clients investing in your skills, but it also makes for more of a well-rounded developer.

“It’s a great tangible accomplishment that will boost your overall coding confidence,” says Kemple. “It makes you more valuable to your team and to your clients.”

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