5 Magento 2 Extensions You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Posted by Pixafy Team

More than 250,000 retail businesses worldwide leverage Magento ecommerce solutions, including the Magento 2 platform, originally released in November 2015 and last updated in November 2018. Numerous specialized system features and functions that make Magento 2 popular with web-savvy sellers — notably, its third-party integration capabilities. Retailers that implement the software gain access to thousands of add-on modules designed to improve all areas of the user experience and ultimately boost conversion rates.

Here five Magento 2 extensions that possess the most revenue-building potential:

1. One-step checkout

Providing an efficient and secure checkout process is a key part of any ecommerce transaction. In fact, customers often desert online stores due to difficult-to-navigate or seemingly unsafe payment processes, leaving abandoned carts filled with would-be purchases. For instance, buyers who must ping-pong between multiple pages to view key purchasing data, update information and finalize their orders might get frustrated and sign off.

Putting all applicable checkout data onto a single page and consolidating the transactional process reduces the likelihood of such an event from unfolding. Customers can complete their purchases in minutes and leave with their items, completely satisfied. The One-Step Checkout Magento 2 module facilitates this kind of streamlined transactional situation and includes features that further enrich the purchasing process, including international payment and coupon support, gift messaging options and prefered-delivery tools.

2. Salesforce CRM integration

Data integration across lines of business is important in today’s omnichannel ecommerce environment. Establishing connections between mission-critical backend assets such as digital sales platforms, enterprise resource planning systems and customer relationship management solutions is, of course, essential here. The Salesforce CRM Magento 2 extension is one of the best specialized tools for forging such links.

An estimated 150,000 businesses worldwide use Salesforce, including numerous retailers. This module allows these sellers to synchronize customer and product information between Magento 2 and Salesforce, generate reliable store field maps and customize internal data flows.

3. Follow-up email messaging

There are many Magento 2 extensions designed to streamline follow-up email functions, which have transformed from customer service nice-to-haves into revenue-driving essentials, Magento Explorer reported. These communications keep shoppers engaged, laying the groundwork for lucrative, long-term B2C relationships.

Amasty, Miravisit and AheadWorks have developed some of the most effective follow-up email modules for Magento 2. Each of these programs offers useful features, ranging from template creation tools to rule-setting components that support process optimization yet ensure that all messages go to the right inboxes. Miravisit is the lowest-cost option, while AheadWork boasts the richest solution. Amasty has staked out the middle ground.

4. Re-optimized blogging

Content creation is key to ecommerce success, as retail businesses must produce multimedia that connects with customers and helps them stand out in an immensely crowded marketplace. Blogs are among the creative assets that help sellers craft bottom line-building online identities that facilitate B2C relationship-cultivation. That said, managing and maintaining an effective blog is difficult.

The Better Blog Magento 2 module makes this work easier by eliminating much of the complexity that comes with running a blog. Its streamlined interface supports copy creation and distribution while providing search engine optimization tools that drive clicks.

5. Custom stock status

Retailers are facing growing pressure to not only improve shipping and fulfillment processes, but also become more transparent with customers along the way. Custom Stock Status gives sellers the power to meet these expectations by helping them to create custom workflows around stock updates.

Processes can be set to trigger manually or automatically, giving retail businesses the freedom to view product and stock details with greater precision and communicate updates to customers with ease.

These Magento 2 extensions are all exciting on their own, but they become especially valuable when strategically aligned to fit overarching web strategies. Here at Pixafy, we provide end-to-end Magento 2 enterprise development services, empowering sellers via cutting-edge ecommerce infrastructure configured to support omnichannel experiences that meet customers’ needs and generate revenue.

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