5 useful Magento extensions

Posted by Pixafy Team

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This post is part of a series on “Useful Plugins and Extensions”:


Magento’s increasingly popular eCommerce platform provides a robust marketplace of Magento extensions that allow any website built on its framework to extend and enhance site functionalities.

Previously, we brought you 15 useful WordPress plugins and extensions that help you get the most out of your WordPress sites. We asked our Pixafy developers which Magento add-ons, extensions, and plugins they’ve found valuable and created a list of 5 useful Magento extensions that can help you enhance your eCommerce Magento site:

1. Developer Toolbar

An essential Magento extension, the Developer Toolbar allows you to quickly access regularly used functions. This allows for profiling, database queries, handles, event/observer overview, block nesting, requests and caching.

2. Multi-Flat Rate Shipping

By default, Magento only allows you to have one flat rate shipping, but Multi-Flat Rate Shipping allows you to have five, giving you the option to create different prices and conditions.

3. AvaTax Calc Connector

No matter if you’re a small eCommerce business or a large retailer, you need to accurately calculate sales tax on the purchases your customers make. Avalara provides useful eCommerce sales tax solutions, which is tapped in the free AvaTax Calc Connector extension, although Avalara’s software is paid.

4. FishPig’s Magento WordPress Integration

WordPress is a clear forerunner in open source blogging and Content Management Systems. With FishPig’s Magento WordPress Integration plugin, you can incorporate a WordPress blog with your Magento store for free. There is also an installation guide for configuration which is very straight forward. The setup takes about a couple of minutes, having some useful settings such WP sidebars (search, recent posts, etc.) in the Magento sidebar, and options to use either Magento/WP CSS design for blog contents. It also offers full/semi integration, and URL rewrite to the WP path.

5. Seamless Delete Order

The Seamless Delete Order extension makes it simple to manually delete orders in the admin through the Action drop-down box on the native Order Manager. A practical use for this extension is that you may have created test orders before your site went live. After your Magento store launches, you may want to delete those test orders. This extension allows you to do so manually, via the backend.

Do you have any favorite Magento extensions and plugins? We’d love to hear them, so share with us in comments below or tweet us @Pixafy