Achieving Stellar Web Presence with WaterWorks

Posted by Pixafy Team

When users land on your website, they have high expectations. They don’t want to wait for pages to load, nor are they interested in navigating complex sites to find information. Your potential customers have the power to click away from your site in a matter of seconds.

At Pixafy, we understand that sophisticated web design and performance is now standard for ecommerce companies who want to keep customers on their sites long enough to make a purchase. This stellar web presence requires continuous improvement and careful attention. Our recent work with WaterWorks shows just how important an aesthetically-pleasing, high-performing website can be for business success.

About WaterWorks

WaterWorks is a premier global retailer for high-end kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures and accessories. With products like faucets, surfaces, bathtubs, washstands, vanities, lighting, barware, cabinetry and hardware available, WaterWorks delivers impeccable style and artisanal-quality craftsmanship to elevate kitchen and bathroom design worldwide.

WaterWorks and Pixafy: Upgrading website design

When WaterWorks introduced themselves to Pixafy, they were in the market for fresh custom front-end web design. At the time, their site suffered from significant UI/UX and performance issues, which were having a detrimental effect on their sophisticated brand identity. As such, WaterWorks needed a major website overhaul and Pixafy stepped in to help.

Using Magento best practices, we started with a thorough site audit of WaterWorks’ existing environment, infrastructure and plugins. We knew we needed to revamp the look of the site, but we also wanted to ensure it worked at sophisticated speeds and with enhanced capabilities.

While WaterWorks handled creating the new landing pages to eliminate the need of major developer services, our role was focused to enabling the company to manage all of the elements they created. Utilizing the Landofcoder PageBuilder plugin for custom landing pages and enhanced CMS capabilities, Pixafy was able to make successful web design implementation possible.
Slow-loading websites can be the death of customer experiences, and we wanted the WaterWorks online journey to match the exquisite quality of the products and design services they offer. Our role further included completing intense load testing when implementing the new site, ensuring the design would perform optimally even when flooded with increased levels of traffic. The result is a website with pages that load in under three seconds – an impressive benchmark that exceeds most industry standards.

We further applied the same design and feature upgrades to their UK site, enabling an improved global online presence.

Implementing deployments with zero downtime

For this particular website redesign, WaterWorks presented a challenge for Pixafy to overcome: They wanted to deploy all updates to the site overnight when their traffic levels are at their lowest. Much like WaterWorks’ web users, Pixafy employees need to get their eight hours of sleep in. With overnight coverage being tricky, deploying updates at those specific times and dealing with possible issues becomes a limited capability.

To meet WaterWorks’ needs and still deploy during business hours with full team support, we developed a brand new deployment model. The solution enabled us to push new updates to the site with zero downtime, allowing us to handle deployment with the best practices possible. Plus, the entire team was available to quickly react to potential complications during go-live.
The improved deployment model was a simple solution to meet everyone’s requirements and allowed Pixafy to still deliver on our promise to WaterWorks.

What you can learn from WaterWorks’ experience

When they came to Pixafy, WaterWorks realized they were losing potential clients with poor web design. As a design company, they needed to display their sophisticated style at the first point of contact. That way, customers would begin to trust their eye for design by merely browsing the website. Plus, the more positive the online experience – including high-quality imagery and quick-to-load product pages – the more likely site users will be to purchase kitchen and bathroom accessories from WaterWorks.

However, a good-looking website also needs to perform well to keep viewers on the page. That’s where Pixafy services hold their most significant weight, enabling WaterWorks to develop a site that looks great and works even better. As the leading ecommerce platform, Magento solutions were able to help WaterWorks realize the technical goals of their new site.

Beyond helping WaterWorks implement their new site with high speeds and quality performance, this project also highlights Pixafy’s flexibility when it comes to working with our clients. It would have been easy to deny WaterWorks the deployment specifications they wanted, but instead we developed a solution that made sense for both teams. We’re an agency dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and the new deployment model was one step in making that happen.

Our collaboration with WaterWorks empowered the company to achieve the standard necessary to maintain a superior global web presence. If your business needs to revamp its online experience for your customers, Pixafy’s ecommerce platforms can help you achieve a similar level of quality in your web presence.

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