Benefits of Netsuite Magento Integration

Posted by Pixafy Team

If you want to have a fully functional eCommerce site, you need integration between all of your different systems so that your front end and back end work together flawlessly. What your customers see, what your administrators see, and the workflows you create will depend on the level of integration.

How smoothly your integration can be facilitated depends on what eCommerce platform and ERP you are using, and whether you are willing to invest in a NetSuite Magento integration solution designed to help you leverage your data to the fullest for seamless experiences with your brand.

Reasons for Magento NetSuite integration

ERP integration with your main eCommerce platform is critical to maintaining a single point of truth across your organization. Without a single point of truth, inventories can vary depending on who is looking at what interface. Likewise, your logistics information available may or may not be accurate in real time.

Are Magento and Adobe Commerce the same?

Magento Commerce was consolidated with Adobe Commerce Cloud in April of 2021. It has long been the world’s leading commerce cloud platform, powering more than 325,000 eCommerce websites and driving more than $155 in gross sales of merchandise annually. 

Adobe Commerce currently supports content management, search engine optimization, integrated payment gateways, inventory management, multiple shipping options, business intelligence, and much more. 

What is Magento Oracle Netsuite integration?

Oracle has owned NetSuite, the “#1 Cloud Business Management Suite,” since 2016. It is a unified business management platform that includes and provides ERP/Financials, CRM and eCommerce functionality for more than 24,000 organizations. 

Achieving Magento NetSuite integration can be accomplished with erpCommerce™, a dashboard and integration engine that allows your back-end data to work with nearly every other business operation for better information management.

The NetSuite Magento integration process

Making Magento/Adobe Commerce and NetSuite ERP work together is a matter of simple integration. erpCommerce™ is a fast, easy way to accomplish Magento ERP integration at any point in your organizational growth cycle, and scales with you as you continue to expand.

You don’t need anything else to make your integration process functional. Simply connect both your NetSuite ERP and your Magento eCommerce site, and information can be directed from one to the other in either direction through the erpCommerce™ solution. 

By integrating using erpCommerce™, you’ll be able to standardize all of the following across all locations in your business:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Ordering
  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Shipping

Best practices for data integration

Using a cloud platform for customer and product data is the optimal way to operate. Before choosing an integration solution, ask the following questions:

  • What is the business value proposition that should be driving this decision?
  • What stakeholders (sales, marketing, IT) need to be involved in the decision-making process?
  • What are the systems of record for each category of data?
  • What infrastructure changes (if any) will need to be made to support the integration?
  • Is the integration solution flexible enough to meet all of your requirements, including scaling?

An integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provides a stable centralized location that feeds and is fed by both your eCommerce solution and your ERP. All of your customer, product and logistics data is submitted to and retrieved from this cloud platform to streamline workflows and provide accuracy in real time.

How Pixafy makes Magento integration with Oracle NetSuite easy

Pixafy’s erpCommerce™ solution is powered by Dell Boomi, the unified, extremely productive, highly flexible and extendible hybrid integration solution that powers Pixafy’s erpCommerce™ offering. Boomi allows extension of eCommerce integrations to other software and tools (including NetSuite ERP as well as CRM, OMS, etc.) 

Boomi also provides pre-built connectors for dozens of other solutions, meaning merchants who use erpCommerce™ aren’t locked into a proprietary “point” integration solution. Instead, you have the ability to use your developers or ours to develop and enhance on top of the existing code base.

We chose Boomi to power our solution because it’s the perfect iPaaS to support Magento integration with Oracle NetSuite, delivering that all-important single point of truth for your eCommerce site.

Benefits of Magento ERP integration

The goal of NetSuite Magento integration is making your data work for you in ways that were formerly impossible. A Magento Commerce ERP integration offers the following benefits: 

Seamlessly connect data from all ends of your eCommerce business

Gain better support for data management, improve your decisioning processes and deliver higher-quality user experiences by keeping all of your data synced in real time.

Match data across your channels for better visibility

Reduce inventory costs to improve cash flow, and leverage ERP data to present accurate, real-time inventory on your customer facing website to build stronger consumer trust.

Be proactive about sharing order information with customers

Improve customer experiences by letting customers in on the progress of their order or the current location of their shipment on demand — or even before they ask.

Leverage high-level reporting and data segmentation

Take data out of silos and use it to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement data analysis processes for enhanced revenue and retention opportunities.

Track your customers from website view to delivery

Gain complete visibility of your sales flow across all channels, identify where bottlenecks are occurring and develop ways to keep the sales flow on track and retarget customers as needed.

Minimize redundancies and errors from manual data entry

Automate and improve accuracy by setting triggers that cause workflows to initiate and populate proven data when a customer performs the desired action. 

Push FAQs and simple queries to self-service solutions

improve overall user experience (UX) and free up your customer service agents to handle issues that aren’t solvable via automated channel support.

Pixafy erpCommerce™ powered by Dell Boomi allows you to fully integrate Magento Commerce and NetSuite ERP for smoother workflows, enhanced customer experience (CX) and better outcomes. Contact us today to start your own integration, or read more articles about the benefits of ERP integration with eCommerce.