Best of WordPress series: 6 useful WordPress tutorials

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Tutorials, tips, and theming: Best of WordPress [part 1] | Pixafy

WordPress is undeniably the most popular publishing platform in the world. Used by more than 20% of all websites, WordPress’ popularity is, in part, due to the fact that it’s free and ultra-customizable. With such a large community of users, many tutorials have been written on WordPress topics, ranging from development to optimization, and everything in between. At Pixafy, we regularly post tutorials, tips, and hacks to help developers and designers streamline their WordPress sites. We’ve collected 6 useful WordPress tutorials to get you started, and will continue to update our “Best of WordPress” series, so check back soon!


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  1. 6 frequently overlooked “Go Live” checklist items: WordPress edition6 frequently overlooked “Go Live” checklist items: WordPress edition | Pixafy
    You’ve worked countless hours on your WordPress site, designing, coding, editing, testing… You’re eager to finally push your site live. Just make sure you deploy like a pro by referring to our WordPress “Go Live” checklist before launching! We compiled a list of the most frequently overlooked WordPress items to make sure that your site launch goes off without a hitch.
  2. Searching the WordPress Codex effectivelySearching the WordPress Codex effectively | Pixafy
    For novice and professional WordPress developers alike, the one tool that will always be handy is the WordPress Codex. Whether you’ve just started on editing WordPress templates or are working more complexly, it’s a quick reference to find not only all the code that most WordPress templates already have in them, but all the major functionality WordPress supports.
  3. 15 useful WordPress plugins and extensions15 Useful WordPress Plugins & Extensions |
    WordPress has a really robust plugin ecosystem. With tens of thousands of plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, you’re offered a staggering number of options to help expand your WordPress site functionalities. But with so many choices, you might feel overwhelmed. To help simplify things, we compiled a list of 15 useful WordPress plugins and extensions.
  4. 12 tutorial sites recommended by Pixafy developersTutorials
    Even the most seasoned developers will need or want to refer to the wisdom of other developers, at some point. For those times, it’s always helpful to have a list of relevant tutorial sites handy that have a stellar reputation for being useful to developers. We did the homework and compiled a list of 12 tutorial sites, as recommended by our Pixafy devs!
  5. Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of WordPressLesser-known WordPress features |
    So many features, so little time! WordPress’ extensibility is, in part, what makes it such a popular publishing platform. But with so many features, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. We put together this list of “hidden” WordPress features that can serve as a handy guide for getting more familiar with lesser-known items in the platform.
  6. Understanding WordPress’ $args variable – $args ye scurvy lads
    In WordPress, a common variable you’ll come across is $args. This tutorial helps you harness $args at your fingertips, offering you the freedom to change variable names and array of arguments with ease.

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