ERP eCommerce Integration

Breaking It Down: ERP and eCommerce Integration Options

Posted by Pixafy Team

Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration options for eCommerce can be divided into roughly three categories. Each option has different strengths, and you’ll have to choose based on the specific needs of your organization.

Options range from relatively simple but not very customizable “point connectors” to a fully functional and customizable integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that fully supports your eCommerce site and the applications you are connecting to.

A common challenge for eCommerce companies is clumsy and inefficient ERP and sales channel integrations that slow down growth and may even require complete overhaul only months after integration.  Choosing the right ERP integration tool can help you scale effortlessly while streamlining internal conduits.

Point connectors/solutions

Point connectors are the simplest solution and can be ideal for enterprises that don’t have hundreds of applications already running. If you’re keeping your sprawl as contained as possible, and really just need to connect a few dozen applications to avoid siloed datasets and give each department more visibility, point-to-point connectivity may be all you need to start with.

This option can be improved on in the future IF you choose the right vendor for your integration. Ask if there are options for scalability, and what extra costs apply when you start to integrate more complex connections. Find out if you can customize the solution and integrate it with your back-end database and HR department as well.

If you do opt for a point connector, be aware that some point solutions that provide this service don’t support full scaling or customization. You don’t want to get locked into a solution that won’t grow with you or allow you to customize. This would mean having to rip it out and replace it down the road. Finding the right solutions will allow you to smoothly scale over time and keep developing to meet your enterprise’s changing needs.

Pre-built erpCommerce™

Our prebuilt solutions leverage market-leading iPaaS, giving you the ability to customize and enhance over time. It’s the best option when you need to get your website live as quickly as possible and address immediate needs.

This approach leaves the door wide open for scaling as your company grows to cover any and all applications you pull in to manage different processes. You can use whatever you can “out-of-the-box” to kickstart your erpCommerce™ solution, customizing what you most desperately need at the outset and customizing the rest down the road.

Customized ERP integrations

For fuller functionality and easier scalability, a fully customized solution for ERP integration can be implemented. This allows you to launch a fully transactional B2B or B2C website. A perfect example is a fully Sage-integrated website that leverages leading eCommerce and cloud-based integration platforms. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reviews top-rated platforms such as Magento and BooAmi.

Using erpCommerce™ allows a completely custom-built integration on an existing iPaaS framework. You can take what you need and adapt it to create the perfect solution for your needs. By using market leading open-source platforms, we make it possible to tailor your solution exactly to your enterprise.

You can implement erpCommerce™ at any time

Using erpCommerce™ gives you the flexibility to start out as a point connector, supporting your existing setup and integrating your applications for data visibility and flawless interlocking of all moving parts.

As time goes by, you can improve on a pre-built erpCommerce™ setup, moving past a simple point connector solution as you grow and need to manage more integrations.

Finally, with an erpCommerce™ custom build solution, you can own, manage and support everything yourself, seamlessly integrating all of your applications and connecting your front- and back-end for ultimate data transparency.

Ultimately, a hybrid erpCommerce™ approach often seems to be the right choice. We can help you do it yourself with your own developers by providing robust platforms that are user-friendly. The flexibility to scale and build custom integrations on erpCommerce™ is the secret to taking your enterprise to the next level.