ERP eCommerce Integration

Build a Compelling Business Case for eCommerce Integration

Posted by Pixafy Team

B2B commerce is quickly going digital. Shifts in buyer demographics and consumer technologies are transforming B2B customer interactions. For B2B businesses with no online presence, there are significant incentives to go digital.

This guide, complements of Adobe, Bringing Your B2B Business into the Digital Commerce Era, provides three persuasive approaches which communicate the value of digital to decision makers, supported by the data of leading industry authorities.

  • A survey of 218 B2B entities found 75 percent planned to launch eCommerce platforms within two years
  • McKinsey research shows B2B digital leaders see 5x more revenue growth than their peers
  • Data from Forrester Consulting supports the value of investing in experience-transformation, including 1.6x higher YoY increase in orders and 2x higher loyalty metrics

Access the guide and Discover the incentives of a B2B digital transformation.