ERP eCommerce Integration

Delivering Seamless Brand Experiences for B2B eCommerce Customers

Posted by Pixafy Team

Personalization isn’t just for the B2C realm of eCommerce. While plenty of companies have been figuring out customization for consumers, the field of B2B eCommerce has been woefully neglected. However, business customers are just as demanding as consumers when it comes to their expectations for brand experiences.

The Problem

Many eCommerce websites built for B2B sales may deliver a less-than-stellar experience. From clumsy attempts at personalization that result in improper addressing of the customer at multiple points of the process, to clumsy integration of inventory that makes products far too hard to find, B2B sites often end up interacting with their customer base much like this video – shared by B2X Partners — portrays.

In the video, the interface repeatedly refers to customer Justin King as “King Justin,” forces him to make multiple attempts at guessing his password, then subjects him to long minutes of video playback and advertising before allowing him to state his needs.

From there it only gets worse: the non-intuitive nature of the platform either returns no results at all in response to his query, or tens of thousands of results, making it difficult for Justin to find what he’s looking for — even though he purchased exactly the same product only recently.

It’s a user experience that seems designed to drive Justin into the arms of a competitor. How can you prevent your own B2B customers from walking away?

The Solution

Your customers expect a seamless experience with your brand. When the front end of your website (which interacts with customers one-on-one) and the back part of your website (which holds your inventory and customer data) aren’t in sync, the B2B user experience suffers.

You need a solution that integrates your front and back end. It should simultaneously allow drawing your customer data up to the surface for meaningful, tailored interactions, and permit specific, deep dives into your product catalog for fast, easy location and selection of desired purchases.

Pixafy provides the bridge between your customer interface and your back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It draws on the power of Adobe Sensei (now part of Magento), which utilizes advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver superior analytics and customer experiences.

The Results

With Pixafy, once you know who a B2B customer is, you can create highly personalized experiences for them.
• Address your customers correctly the first time and every time, making them feel welcome and unique.
• Skip introductory material about your brand for repeat customers, showing them that you respect their time.
• Use machine learning and predictive analytics to make personalized product recommendations to customers based on their past purchase history, instead of simply pushing the latest addition to your catalog.
• Permit fast, intuitive search of your catalog and current inventory for ease of product selection and ordering.
• Provide a requisition list option, which allows customers to build their own lists of frequently ordered products, making their future purchases more seamless.
• Leverage personalized B2B customer data across the board to ensure an optimized user experience, no matter what their current need may be.

When you use Pixafy’s erpCommerce solution, certified by Magento and Sage X3, you deliver a seamless experience that integrates your customer, your products, and all interactions between your business and theirs – including orders, invoices and fulfillments.

The data you collect at each touchpoint can be leveraged by the ERP to inform and customize future interactions with each individual B2B customer. The result is a highly personalized user experience that improves customer retention and drives repeat sales.

Are you ready to fully integrate with an ERP for superior B2B sales ands service? Contact Pixafy today.