Sage X3 Magento Integration
ERP eCommerce Integration

Sage X3 and Magento eCommerce Integration

Posted by Pixafy Team

In today’s digital world, a system like Sage X3  is the lifeline of most thriving businesses, and the value it brings to an organization including data visibility, accessibility and reporting are boundless.

With Sage X3, businesses gain a competitive edge through optimized productivity, streamlined processes and more. But where we’ve seen Sage implementations excel and deliver maximized ROI is with strategic integration!

The benefit of Sage X3 Magento integration across other operational or business functions like CRM as an example, increases mobility and automates workflow — saving an organization substantial time, effort and money. Integrating Sage EM to eCommerce is no different, this integration strengthens internal productivity and reduces operational hassles, bringing many in-house and customer-facing advantages to an organization.

In a recent post, we highlighted the internal and customer-facing advantages of integrating ERP with eCommerce platforms. With this fusion, businesses can create greater visibility for customers and automate data workflows between the website and the back office, allowing the disparate systems to interact with one another with minimal human input. For more on what businesses can gain from integrating Sage X3 ERP to eCommerce, read the full post here.