Event Recap: Magento Imagine Conference 2014

Posted by Pixafy Team

The last three days have been a whirlwind, but the 2014 Magento Imagine Conference has finally come to a close! With nearly 2,000 merchants, solution partners and techies in attendance, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas was taken over by the eCommerce world. Here are some of the highlights from Imagine:

Magento’s theme of the conference: “Transform”

When Magento COO and Co-Founder Roy Rubin took the stage to greet the Imagine audience, he spoke of how commerce is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. “None of use are in the same place we were a year ago,” he said, “and as much transformation we’ve seen in the years since Magento was created, the real change in our industry has just begun.” He continued on this theme, discussing how technology is now playing a bigger role in commerce than ever before, and those making the largest impact are the players “transforming across multiple channels”.

Breakout sessions offer insightful discussions 

Arguably the most interesting parts of Imagine were the breakout sessions held each day throughout the rockstar-themed conference halls of the Hard Rock. Touching on topics ranging from SEO to Magento Front-End Development, there was a little something for everyone. Standout sessions included ROI Revolution‘s discussion on the Top 10 Adword Mistakes Retailers make, where Director of Sales Denis Coombes went into detail on things to avoid and how to accelerate success with your campaigns. Additionally, Groove Commerce Founder Ethan Giffin lead an engaging discussion on content marketing for eCommerce, where he discussed ways to implement a content plan to create a scalable customer acquisition strategy.

Last but not least…Pixafy won Site of the Year!

At the closing ceremonies of the conference, it was announced that Pixafy and our client Glassful won the coveted Magento Site of the Year award for the most innovative website! Out of all submissions, Magento chose Glassful as the one site that really stood out from the rest. This was a huge surprise to us and a great honor, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our client!

Well, that’s a wrap on the 2014 Magento Imagine Conference! It was a great learning experience and fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded business owners and partners. Stay tuned for next year’s event, as we will most definitely be attending again!

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