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In case you missed it: Pixafy’s Twitter Roundup

Posted by Pixafy Team


Are you following @Pixafy on Twitter? There’s no better way to get your daily dose of all things tech! From tips and tricks to articles and advice, we’re committed to sharing the best content out there (in easy-to-manage bite-sized pieces, of course).  In case you missed our latest batch of shared tweets, here’s a quick recap of those we think are worth your read:

  •  No matter how beautiful your code is,  your site may not get very far without brilliant front-end design.  Web Design Dev compiled a list of some of the best web designers out there (along with their Twitter handles for your following convenience). (via @webdesigndev)

  • Interest in the open-source JavaScript framework AngularJS has skyrocketed in the past six months, far surpassing Ember.JS, KnockoutJC and Backbone.js by a hefty margin, according to Google Trends.  What do you guys think of the Google-run framework? (via @Mike_Digitize)

  • SoLoMo.  No, it’s not a new ultra hip downtown NYC neighborhood (though it could most definitely pass for one!). SoLoMo stands for Social-Local-Mobile and is the latest over-arching philosophy in online marketing and branding. Those in the know understand that an impeccable SoLoMo strategy in crucial not only for positive user experience, but also for increasing search engine visibility. A post on Website Magazine highlights some of the best WordPress plugins available to turn you into a SoLoMo rockstar! (via @AmberlyDressler, @InBoundMobile)

  • Tech blogger Andrew Chen looks into the elusive appeal of constrained media, those platforms that impose arbitrary limitations on what users can crate, and how it seems to be taking over the world (Twitter, anyone?)  (via @andrewchen)

  • You know that you need good SEO to get ahead, but keeping on top of optimizing your site can be a daunting task.  Thankfully, the SEO geniuses at  Moz put together a pretty comprehensive list of both free and paid SEO tools and resources to make sure you can tackle any challenge with ease. (via @cyrusshepard, @moz)

  •  If you had to narrow down the most culturally and historically significant software programs of all time, what would your list look like?  I know, I know… Why don’t I just ask you how many stars are in the sky?  While it’s hard to even know where to begin when answering that question, the folks over at Slate have created a list of the 10 Most Influential Software Programs Ever to get the ball rolling.

What are your favorite recent reads? Share them with us in comments or tweet us @Pixafy!