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Introducing Pixafy Project Manager Wilner Midouin Jr.

Posted by Pixafy Team

Wilner Midouin Jr.

We’re excited to introduce Wilner Midouin Jr., Pixafy’s newest project manager! His experience in the field and his impressive multi-tasking skills make him a valuable addition to the team. From project management to bike tours and cycling, Wilner gives us the scoop:

Q:  Where are you originally from?  Do you still have family there?

Wilner: I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. Yes, I have a brother who still resides in Brooklyn. 

Q: Do you have any siblings? What do they do?  

Wilner: Lots! I have four sisters and four brothers. There are too many siblings to keep up with what they do, ha!

Q: Any significant/insignificant others? How about pets?

Wilner: All significant! I have a wife and two kids — Penelope is 2 years old and Theodore is 2 months old. And yes, we have two goldfish!

Q:  How did you first become interested in project management?

Wilner: I’ve always been a problem solver so this was a natural transition for me.

Q:  Any mentors/other people who’ve been particularly instrumental in your direction to date?

Wilner: My father — I am a ‘Junior,’ after all!

Q:  Where did you go to school, and what did you study there?

Wilner: I attended Iona College and was a PR major!

Q:  What’s your favorite part about being a project manager?

Wilner: I love to see a project go from a concept to completion. All the steps along the way make it worth it.

Q:  How did you discover Pixafy?

Wilner: A Pixafy posting on Craigslist piqued my interest.

Q:  What is your first impression of Pixafy?

Wilner: My first impression was that there’s a great team of dedicated individuals that are passionate about what they do. Everyone is approachable and willing to lend a hand where they can. Catered lunches are also pretty fun!

Q:  What do you hope to accomplish at Pixafy?

Wilner: I hope to add to the culture and help continue to build upon the great foundation here. It’s exciting times here and I’m glad to be a part of it!

Q:  What advice do you have for people considering working in a project management role?

Wilner: Be organized and be ready to multitask!

Q:  What kind of music do you listen to?

Wilner: I listen to all kinds of music. It really depends on the mood I’m in.

Q:  Any unusual hobbies that we should know about?

Wilner: I really enjoy cycling. I’ve completed several bike tours and my ultimate goal is to get a century ride (or two) under my belt this year.

Q:  If you won the proverbial lottery, what would you do with your windfall?

Wilner: Pay off my mortgage, set up scholarships for my kids and give money to my family. I’d still work though because sitting around on my millions would definitely get boring after a while!

Q:  What’s something that no one at Pixafy knows about you (until now)? Wilner: That I secretly love watching horrible movies — the worse the acting the better!

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