Introducing: ThrowbackTechnology

Posted by Pixafy Team

Introducing: Throwback Technology

When you get down to it, we here at Pixafy are just a group of people who love technology. We love talking about it, we loving building it, and we love sharing it. So what better way to indulge our passion than to create a forum where we can explore the evolution of the technological world and share some of the random, obscure knowledge we’ve attained over the years.

That being said, we are excited to introduce to you ThrowbackTechnology, our social media initiative that looks back at some pivotal, humorous, and downright ridiculous moments in tech history. From the 1981 IBM 5150 Personal Computer to the floppy disk, ThrowbackTechnology will offer up some tech facts you may not know, as well as give you that warm, nostalgic happy feeling (you know, when life was simpler and stuff).

Google Original Site in 1996Being a website development company, we wanted to kick things off with a shot of the original Google homepage from 1998 (above). Initially launched in English, Google went global in 2000, being released in 10 additional languages. Now Google search is available in 150+ languages, and can even be viewed in Klingon! Live long and prosper, Google!

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