Key Shopify Integrations To Enhance Your eCommerce Store Capabilities

Posted by Pixafy Team

With knowledge comes power. Savvy digital marketers know that new tools can be employed for just about every challenge encountered in the sales funnel, and they take full advantage of this to dig deeper and make more informed decisions. They recognize that the key to staying ahead is not only using the built-in features of their favorite platforms such as Magento or Shopify, but also finding ways to improve on these tools through integration with other 3rd party applications.

Pixafy was happy to collaborate with Databox and other Shopify partners in their quest to identify some of the go-to integrations in the Shopify ecosystem that solve the most common problems for store owners. Alongside other eCommerce experts, Pixafy’s Director of Operations Adam Goldschmiedt, expounded on the value of the customer content marketing platform Yotpo, the details of integration and its ability to help engage with customers, enhance website SEO, and maximize ROI via increased traffic, conversation rates, and sales across all marketing channels.

Other great Shopify applications that help with Analytics, Development, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Sales Funnel, Review Management, and Workflow Automation were covered in the article that features more than a dozen eCommerce experts.

With these third-party integrations customers can take a step farther into high-impact areas than their standard out-of-the-box features allow.

For a full list of these most recommended tools from the Shopify ecosystem, check out the full report here.