Twitter Roundup

Latest roundup of shared Twitter insights

Posted by Pixafy Team


We’re regularly sharing the best of tech on Twitter. Are you following @Pixafy on Twitter? If you happened to miss our recent batch of tips, tutorials, and more, here’s a speedy recap of shares worth your time: 

  • Node.js is one of the hottest new pieces of technology right now, and deservedly so. It leverages the V8 engine developed by Google to allow for server-side runtime environments that compile and excute JavaScript at amazing speeds. Why You Should Learn Node.js Today gives you a great overview on why you should definitely incorporate Node.js into your technology repertoire, if you haven’t already (by @AaronCois)!

  • How using design patterns is like baking a loaf of bread gives insight into design patterns and discusses why developers shouldn’t be intimidated by them. They’re frameworks, not finished products, with the specific implementation of the pattern determined by the developer. In fact, design patterns help codify best practices, which in turn helps development (via@phpquickfix).

  • 4 Lessons Learned Doing Angular on Rails delves into the exciting world of building Angular on Rails apps. From topics on skinny controllers to Angular models as Coffeescript classes, Chris Nelson shared some lessons learned that may prove helpful to others working with AngularJS on Rails (by @superchris via @iDevinClark).

What are your favorite recent reads? Share them with us in comments or tweet us @Pixafy!