Most Read Blog Posts for April 2014

Posted by Pixafy Team

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April was a busy month here at Pixafy, as we prepped for the release of our two innovative technology products – Rapid Development for Magento and our in-house Pixafy Hosting platform. Now that we have officially launched, things are picking up again, but we still have time to do a little recap on our most read blog posts from the past month. Check out what popular tutorials and articles made the list, and if you don’t see a topic you’re interested, leave your suggestions in the comments below!

1. How to create coupon codes in Magento – Beginner’s Turorial #1
In this tutorial, we show you three examples of different shopping cart rules that will help you set up rules for your own eCommerce store and let your customers take advantage of any awesome discounts that you want to offer.

2. Sending emails progammatically in Magento
Pixafy Principal Software Engineer Emmanuel Etienne explains how to send emails programmatically in Magento. This will help you out if you find yourself having to send an email after a particular action has occurred.

3. How to enqueue a custom stylesheet via functions.php in WordPress
Check out our tutorial on how to enqueue a custom stylesheet via functions.php in WordPress, great for when you don’t want to use a default stylesheet in WP.

4. Creating a Magento custom model
Consistently one of our most read blog posts, this how-to on creating a Magento custom model is very beneficial when you’re looking to create a model that uses a different name than the Module name.

5. Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques [part 2]: Custom build systems
Our series on Sublime Text 2 offers some great tips on how to best use the popular code editor. In this post, we discuss custom builds, what they are, how to set them up, and how to actually run them.

6. Tutorials, tips, and theming: Best of Sublime Text series
More Sublime Text!! Our readers can’t get enough of these tutorials, and for good reason. They’re extremely helpful and allow you to streamline the coding process. In this roundup you’ll find articles on everything from working with multiple cursors, to package control and plugins.

7. Five handy Sublime Text tips
Tips, tips, and more tips. Check out this post where we highlight some of our favorite features in ST2, including Goto Anything – Ctrl+P, Themes and Layouts, and more.

8. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punching
Software Engineer Thomas Lackemann needed to find a solution for overlaying a registration modal, but only if the user is on the homepage or for every 5 clicks around the website. Find out how he did it! (Hint, the answer is in the title!)

9. Fast caching in Backbone.js using localStorage
The Gotham JS conference is an annual conference held in NYC where techies from all over come to learn about the latest in JavaScript news. The Pixafy team attended last year’s event, and some of what we learned resulted in this post on fast caching in Backbone.js using localStorage.

10. Overcoming Magento’s WYSIWYG Part 2: Customizing TinyMCE Settings
Our original post on Magento’s WYSIWYG became very popular with our readers, so we decided to continue with additional tutorials on how we created solutions to issues instead of simply working around them. Check it out!

Stay tuned for more tech tutorials and roundups that will help you become an overall better developer, engineer, and techie!

What have you been reading and enjoying on our blog? We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line in the comments or tweet us @Pixafy!

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