Most read blog posts for July, 2013

Posted by Pixafy Team


What topics have you been reading this month?  In case you missed any insights, we’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts for the month of July, 2013. Let us know which were your favorites!

  1. 25 essential Twitter accounts for developers
    Our compilation of handy Twitter accounts for developers and tech-centric folks has proven a hit three months running! We also regularly post useful resources on our own Twitter @Pixafy, so be sure to follow and tweet us. Which tech-oriented Twitter accounts do you follow?
  2. Five handy Sublime Text 2 tips
    July saw another strong month for Sublime Text 2 posts. ST2 topics have garnered so much attention that we even started a Sublime Text 2 series to bring you more advanced techniques and tips! Check back often for more Sublime Text 2 tips and tutorials. 
  3. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punching
    Tom’s post continues to top the charts, proving relevant for many Magento developers and readers.
  4. Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques [part 1]
    Kurt’s series on Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques delves into tutorials and tips on the subject.
  5. Overcoming Magento’s built-in WYSIWYG editor
    These useful tips help you increase development speed and decrease time spent creating pages.
  6. 5 useful Magento extensions
    We compiled five handy Magento extensions to make your eCommerce site more robust. The post has proven a hit with readers!
  7. Creating a Magento custom model
    A strong month for Magento posts, Yongji‘s tutorial on creating a custom Magento model has picked up steam, landing it on the top ten list!
  8. “Pub/Sub” with jQuery
    Originally written in Feburary 2013, Kurt’s jQuery pub/sub post has gained interest, landing it in this month’s most read blogs!
  9. 5 tips for styling WordPress widgets with minimal CSS
    Another post that came in strong earlier in the year, Rachel‘s tips for styling widgets in WordPress with minimal CSS has regained interest.
  10. 15 useful WordPress plugins and extensions
    WordPress has an incredible number of plugins, add-ons, and extensions at our disposal. We cultivated fifteen useful plugins that can enhance your site’s functionality. The post has proven a hit with readers, with huge number of StumbleUpon visitors!

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