Most read blogs for January 2014

Posted by Pixafy Team

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If you’re like us you can’t believe that it’s already February! The first month of 2014 zoomed by, an indicator of what the rest of the year will be like, for sure. So just in case you were too busy trying not to break your New Year’s Resolution, we’ve compiled Pixafy’s 10 most popular blog posts from January.

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  1. How to create coupon codes in Magento – Beginner’s Tutorial #1
    Pixafy’s Raechel earns bragging rights for having the most read blog post of the year (so far). In this tutorial she shows you three examples of different shopping cart rules that will help you set up rules for your own eCommerce store.
  2. How to enqueue a custom stylesheet via functions.php in WordPress
    Front-End Web Developer Rachel Vasquez has become one of our go-to experts for the WordPress platform. In this post, she shares tips on how to enqueue a custom stylesheet when you do not want to (or have to) use a default stylesheet in WP.
  3. Sending emails programmatically in Magento
    It’s all about teamwork here at Pixafy. In this post from Manny, he worked with fellow Pixafy teammates to figure out a great way to send emails programmatically in Magento.
  4. Creating a Magento custom model
    Check out Yongji’s tutorial on how to create a Magento custom model. He takes you through the different steps in creating a model that used a different name than the Module name.
  5. Tutorials, tips, and theming: Best of Sublime Text series
    It’s a compilation within a compilation! This round up of the “best of” our Sublime Text series features a number of articles, including custom ST2 build systems, plugins, theming, and more.
  6. Sublime Text advanced techniques [part 2]: Custom builds systems
    Our Sublime Text series has been one of our most popular reoccurring blog posts ever, and in January you still couldn’t get enough of it! Take a look at our tutorial that dives into different plugins and extensions for the useful code editor.
  7. Five handy Sublime Text tips
    Ok…we get the picture, you loveee Sublime Text 2! This post on 5 handy ST2 tips is just 1 of 4 articles on this list that discuss this insanely popular code editor. Take a look at our helpful tutorials on multiple cursors, package control, themes, and layouts.
  8. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punching
    It all started simply enough: Tom was presented with a problem and asked to find a solution. In this post he shares his process for figuring out how to overcome full-page caching in Magento by hole punching.
  9. Fast caching in Backbone.js using localStorage
    After attending the GothamJS conference in New York City last summer, Software Engineer Darren Chen decided to share what he learned by writing this in-depth post on topics such as AngularJS, Backbone.js for mobile, and CSS3 Animation.
  10. Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques [part 1]
    Surprise surprise, another post on Sublime Text! Rounding out our 10 most read blog entries for January is this post on ST2 tips, which includes how to use Dropbox to store package and Sublime Text 2 settings.

There you have it, our most popular posts for the first month of the new year. We hope you found these articles useful, and stay tuned for more in-depth pieces on your favorite tech topics.

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