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Most read blogs for May 2013

Posted by Pixafy Team


We’re so thrilled to see more and more interested visitors reading our blog each month — thank you for spending time with us! We’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts for the month of May, 2013. Have you checked them out yet? If not, here’s a lively mix of topics to peruse on tech, eCommerce, social media, and fun!

  1. Five handy Sublime Text 2 tips
    We’ve had an extremely strong month for Sublime Text 2 posts. Our ST2 tips have continued to pick up steam since they were first posted in March! We’ve even started a Sublime Text 2 series, bringing you more advanced techniques and tips, so be sure to check back often for more!
  2. 25 essential Twitter accounts for developers
    We compiled some useful Twitter accounts that proved to be interesting to developers and non-developers alike! Receiving an incredible amount of Stumbleupon traffic (thanks, Stumblers!), these 25 essential Twitter accounts for developers have been getting some great shares. We’d be thrilled if you shared this post with your friends, too! 🙂
  3. Overcoming Magento’s full-page cache through hole punching
    Tom’s post from March had yet another strong month! Topics on full-page caching through hole punching remain relevant for many Magento developers.
  4. Overcoming Magento’s WYSIWYG editor
    These tips, tricks, and best practices that help you increase development speed and decrease time spent creating pages continues to garner interest.
  5. Sending emails programmatically in Magento
    Manny’s tips on how to send emails programmatically in Magento has received a steady stream of interest.
  6. Sublime Text 2 advanced techniques [part 1]
    May saw tons of interest on our expanded Sublime Text 2 series. Kurt’s post on ST2 advanced techniques received quite a bit of interest!
  7. Introducing Pixafy Creative Director Abraham Kwak
    We recently welcomed some great new additions to Pixafy. Say hello to our newest Creative Director Abraham Kwak!
  8. Recognizing employees who excel every day
    Our Rewards and Recognition program is based on a peer voting system, designed to honor team members who have gone above and beyond for both our clients and teammates. Get to know our recent honorees!
  9. Using the shell_exec function to integrate PHP and server software
    Since going live over a year ago, this post on how the shell_exec function can help you achieve your PHP programming goals continues to gain interest.
  10. Hiding in plain sight: Lesser-known features of Magento
    Our series on lesser-known features of platforms like Magento and WordPress have been well-read. Check back as we add to the series!
  11. Why social commerce will become the eCommerce standard
    Pixafy is thrilled to introduce guest blogs to our site! Our friends at Yotpo wrote a great piece on social commerce as the eCommerce standard.If you have a must-read topic to contribute and would like to guest blog, please get in touch! Leave us a comment or tweet us @Pixafy!

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