Net at Work and Pixafy Announce erpCommerce™ for Magento Commerce and Sage X3 ERP; Integrated Enterprise eCommerce in 60 Days

Posted by Pixafy Team

Companies collaborate to develop erpCommerce™, a best in class B2B and B2C eCommerce solution seamlessly integrated with Sage X3.

NEW YORK – May 27, 2020 – Net at Work, a full-service technology and business consultancy, and Pixafy, an Adobe solution partner specializing in ERP and eCommerce, have formally released erpCommerce™, enabling organizations using Sage X3 to integrate with Magento Commerce and launch a fully transactional website within 60 days. The quick-to-market solution gives organizations the ability to capture business in today’s increasingly virtual marketplace, while scaling and enhancing their digital capabilities in the coming months and years.

The erpCommerce™ solution combines an enterprise-level ERP with industry-leading eCommerce (Magento Commerce) and cloud-based integration platform (Boomi), allowing merchants and partners throughout the Sage and Magento ecosystems, to fast-track best-in-class B2B and B2C eCommerce implementations.

“erpCommerce™ combines our unparalleled expertise in both Magento and Sage X3 to create a solution giving merchants and as importantly partners throughout the Sage and Magento ecosystems an integrated, enterprise-level solution that has been in high demand,” said Alex Solomon, Net at Work Co-Founder. “The collaboration between the Sage, Magento and our ERP and eCommerce teams has resulted in a solution built to meet the specific needs of Sage X3 and one that has the ability to grow and unleash eCommerce business potential for years to come.”

erpCommerce™ at-a-glance:

  • Made for ERP Users by ERP Specialists. With access to subject matter expertise from Net at Work, erpCommerce™ was created with ERP as the core value add – unlike other integrations built by web developers.
  • A Focus on B2B. Magento offers rich B2B functionality, the erpCommerce™ solution allows customer systems to be the single “point of truth” which runs their online businesses and workflows.
  • Extendable & Flexible. Merchants are not locked into a proprietary “point” integration solution; provides the ability to develop and enhance on top of existing code base.
  • Built on Industry-Leading Solutions. Magento is a complete eCommerce B2B and B2C solution that provides for limitless extensibility, flexibility, and scalability. More ecommerce transactions take place on Magento than on any other platform in the world. Dell Boomi allows extension of integrations to other software and tools in addition to ERP (CRM, OMS, etc.) with pre-built connectors for dozens of other solutions.

Nancy Teixeira, Sage’s VP of North America Partner Strategy and Sales, says, “erpCommerce™ delivers flexible, high-performance integrated eCommerce with rich B2B functionality. That’s all thanks to a rare combination of the implementation experience of Net at Work, one of our most trusted business partners, and Pixafy’s Magento eCommerce expertise. Magento is a leader in the space and a perfect fit for Sage X3. erpCommerce™ brings these together to provide our customers with an enterprise solution that delivers exactly what they’ve been asking for.”

Travis Eiland, Adobe’s Head of Content & Commerce Business Development says, “For any organization using or considering Sage X3 as their ERP, Magento is a natural fit for integrated eCommerce. Our solution partner Pixafy has developed an offering that accelerates merchants’ time to market and enables them to create amazing digital experiences for their brands. We look forward to working with the Sage ecosystem for years to come.”

To learn how to launch erpCommerce™ for Magento and Sage X3 in 60 days or less, join Pixafy’s live webcast on June 10 from 2-3pm EDT, or visit

Partners with Sage or Magento expertise can add erpCommerce™ to their solutions portfolio and join the growing Partner Alliance Community today by contacting Net at Work at 800.719.3307 or visiting