Not Selling Online Today? 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs eCommerce

Posted by Pixafy Team

Are you selling online yet? If not, why not? You can be missing out on a ton of revenue simply by not being where most customers look first when they are ready to make a purchase. Here are 10 reasons you should start selling online immediately:

1. Reduced costs

Are you spending way too much on sales made in person? You can cut overhead and drive self-service sales with your online store. By streamlining the ordering process and making reordering easy, you can automate sales and eliminate the need for staff to man registers or handle sales calls. Imagine your website being your employee of the month!

2. Increased revenues

Simply expanding your selling options to include an online store can instantly increase your revenues. If you market your online store properly, you can attract new customers who don’t already know you from a physical store. If you can shift some of your offline customers online, you can take advantage of built-in and automated opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, leading to even more revenue.

3. 24/7/365 availability

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store with specific hours of operation, your online store can stay open continuously, making it easy for anyone to place an order at any time. If you add automated or self-service customer service options, you can improve customer satisfaction and improve sales exponentially.

4. Improved customer service

Taking your sales process online also makes customer support easier. A customer can log on and instantly start a chat session with a support representative about why their latest order never arrived, and all the data will be right there. This is highly superior to having to get on the phone and walk someone through finding the account, tracking down the order in a separate system, and trying to find out where things went wrong.

5. Mobile sales

More and more people are buying directly from their mobile device. Your online store can be integrated for mobile sales, making it easy for people to click and buy right from their phones. Your competitors are already doing this, so you need to as well.

6. Increased repeat sales

When a customer knows they can log in to their account on your website and reorder based on their last order, or select items from a custom menu complete with their own agreed-upon pricing, placing an order becomes extremely easy. This can lead to more frequent orders and larger orders as you present your customer with incentives and options for related products in a customized interface.

7. Market growth

A brick-and-mortar store can limit you since traffic is generally restricted to a specific geographic area. By taking your store online, you can expand easily into a much bigger range and also discover target markets you didn’t realize were interested in your products.

8. Global exposure

Have you been wishing you could expand your company and take your business global? An online store makes it easy and natural to begin marketing to an audience far outside your normal reach. You can go worldwide in no time.

9. Easy hybrid conversion

If you sell B2B and want to branch out into B2C, an online store makes it incredibly easy to get started and scale fast when your new endeavor takes off. Hybrid B2B and B2C is where more and more companies are ending up.

10. Marketing Data/Segmentation

An online store lets you gather all of your customer data together in one palace, You can even import data about offline sales. This makes it easy for you to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotions. You can also notice when a customer hasn’t ordered in a while and reach out with a special offer.

Pixafy can help you start selling online now and scale as needed, with an eCommerce platform like Magento, and our robust erpCommerce solution. Contact our team today to start a conversation.