Pixafy helps Performance Apparel and Equipment Company Implement B2B and B2C eCommerce with Custom ERP integration

Posted by Pixafy Team

A long-time provider of performance apparel and outerwear, Stormtech boasts a wide array of products and accessories to their customer along with a comprehensive marketplace for their retail partners.

When Stormtech contacted Pixafy, they wanted to swap their Magento-based B2B and B2C retail portals for alternatives built on Shopify and develop a custom integration module that would facilitate automated order and pricing synchronization between the new websites and its existing Aprise enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Our developers went to work immediately, transferring mission-critical data from the existing Magento sites to two new portals based on a preconfigured Shopify Plus theme. They then developed UX and UI features designed to support customers from across the globe. The backend infrastructure of the sites themselves further fortified this capability, offering access to page creation tools that would allow users to tailor online shopping experiences to customers’ countries of origin. With this formidable foundation in place, our team moved ahead with a number of powerful ancillary site enhancements designed to further augment Stormtech’s e-commerce footprint.

Finding products quickly on an e-commerce website can make a big difference in customer experience. Pixafy installed Nextopia Site Search, an advanced online shopping search engine that leverages machine learning to provide customers with intelligent search term recommendations and displays results in an easy-to-read format that resembles a category page. We also implemented new social media integration widgets, put into place streamlined page-building tools and created links that navigate to the apparel company’s B2B catalog and custom design documentation.

Additionally, our integration specialists coded an entirely custom Aprise ERP to Shopify connector to facilitate data flow between front-of-house and back-of-house operations. To close out the project, we designed multiple landing pages for Stormtech’s philanthropic program called the One-to-One Initiative. Throughout the entire process, our team collaborated with internal information technology stakeholders and ensure long-term backend sustainability post go-live.

In the end, the Pixafy development team designed an efficient yet robust e-commerce ecosystem that not only supports modern customer experiences but will continue to reduce operational costs.