Pixafy Introduces a New Way to Launch Magento eCommerce Websites Starting at $6,000

Posted by Pixafy Team

NEW YORK, NY – April 28, 2014 – Today, Pixafy announces the public release of Rapid Development, an eCommerce website solution that integrates pre-built Pixafy plugins, optimized extensions, and themes.

The solution has been in private beta since October 2013, and has saved customers, on average, $25,000 and five weeks of time on their project, as compared to traditional development solutions.

Pixafy Rapid Development is built on top of the Magento Community open source platform, and therefore has none of the limitations of popular closed source solutions like Shopify. The customer experience is comparable to a professional services offering, where clients work one-on-one with an eCommerce Producer to determine website requirements and receive training to prepare them for launch.

Key benefits and features include:

  • The option to extensively customize pre-built themes, ensuring a unique brand experience
  • Pixafy-developed plugins that deliver high-demand features missing from Magento’s base offering
  • Open source platform allows for endless customization and third-party integrations
  • Pixafy certified Magento developers that can make additional website updates at any time
  • Enhancements to the Magento core that improve the speed of the platform
  • Uses fully managed Pixafy Hosting, which is optimized for Magento and ensures scalability

“ECommerce business owners are an advanced class of entrepreneurs,” says Uri Foox, CEO and founder of Pixafy. “They want to leverage all the benefits of technology but they don’t want to worry about implementing it themselves or outgrowing an eCommerce platform they have invested in – so we’ve spent the last year building Pixafy Rapid Development.”

Rapid Development Success Story

Bombas Socks | Pixafy

“Pixafy Rapid Development is a smart alternative to out-of-the-box solutions and traditional development services; it saved us thousands of dollars and has allowed us to scale seamlessly as we experience fast paced growth.” – David Heath, Co-Founder of Bombas Socks


Pixafy develops eCommerce technology products for clients and end users which leverage open source solutions such as Magento. Established in 2010, the award-winning company is responsible for building a portfolio of eCommerce products that generate over $125 million in annual revenue. Pixafy’s mission is to help champion the open source movement by introducing user inspired products that replace time and cost intensive development with automated technologies.