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Pixafy Recognized As A Top Ecommerce Development Firm

Posted by Pixafy Team

The ecommerce industry has been gaining momentum as consumers turn away from brick-and-mortar stores and flock online to get the items they want. The combination of seemingly endless product options and shop-from-the-couch convenience is making ecommerce popular. In response, brands are facing mounting pressure to improve their websites and the backend systems that make those ecommerce platforms run efficiently.

A GoodFirms report highlighting these changing ecommerce dynamics pointed to a few development firms that are leading the charge toward innovation. Pixafy made the list.

Looking at the changing ecommerce climate

According to GoodFirms, ecommerce initially gained momentum as customers began browsing online stores because they were too busy to hit regular stores. Now, Google has allowed for incredibly intelligent product searches, advanced web functionality is leading to immersive shopping experiences and consumers are increasingly shopping as a way to relax. In practice, ecommerce has gone from an alternative option to a preferred way to pass free time.

This movement has led to increased demand for web development in the retail sector, and Pixafy ranked third on the list. A few key Pixafy attributes mentioned by GoodFirms included:

  • Our ability to create excellent experiences for both B2B and B2C retailers.
  • Our team of developers, designers, marketers and engineers who step up to help our clients find their identity in the digital world.
  • Our passion for creating custom solutions that support the types of user experiences our customers are looking for as they define their brands.

These capabilities have led to excellent ratings for Pixafy on the GoodFirms networks, as the company has received:

  • A 9.7 out of 10 rating ecommerce design.
  • A 9.74 review score.
  • A 57 out of 60 user experience grade.
  • A rating above nine in all of the categories GoodFirms measured.

Our 9.7 ecommerce design score was the highest of all organizations surveyed. Furthermore, our total score from GoodFirms was a 57. The only two organizations that rated higher were given scores of 58. The fourth place finisher received a 55, with the list eventually declining to a 51-rated agency at the bottom. These are all high scores, but the disparity between the top and the bottom clearly indicates that Pixafy was rated in the upper echelon of ecommerce development agencies.

Design excellence is increasingly critical as ecommerce continues to rise.

Get to know us

At Pixafy, we offer a wide range of specialty services, ranging from custom web design to enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration. With Magento 2.2 on the horizon, we’re among the go-to Magento partners to help companies transition to the new platform. We’re also a Shopify Plus partner, something that could be particularly helpful for organizations that want to leverage the new Shopify Pay system to align web and in-store sales under a common platform.

We don’t just work with a variety of platforms and technologies, we’ve also helped organizations across a wide range of sectors, including boutique food service companies, fashion and beauty brands, memorabilia retailers and other specialty stores. Every brand is unique, and every company can benefit from a site that reflects its brand. However, putting this type of website into action doesn’t depend on establishing complex proprietary web systems that require extensive maintenance and management. Instead, we can offer customized site builds on popular platforms – particularly Magento and Shopify Plus – to give you the site you need without underlying technical complexity.

Want to learn more about us? Come visit our case studies page to see how we’ve helped different brands establish their ecommerce setups and get an idea of what we could do for you.