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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: Helpful tools, tips, and tutorials

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Just in case you’ve been a little behind on your reading, check out our quick recap that covers Angular SEO, CSS3 Tutorials, and more.

  • This in-depth article covers many different aspects of Angular SEO, including getting Angular apps indexed, how search engines work with client-side apps, and much more. The author also explores options for handling SEO from the server-side, and how to make your site SEO-friendly (by @ngnewsletter via @AngularJS_News).

  • Interested in learning how to create advanced user interface CSS3 effects? Check out this post that compiles 35 different tutorials that will teach you everything from building an interactive animated infographic to creating bounce effects with CSS3 Animation (via @frontendresuce).

  • Online development tool Github provides online Git repository hosting for projects written in any common programming language. This article explains how you can build a remote Github webapp using jQuery and Ajax (by @jakerocheleau on @treehouse).

  • Did you know that the average American spends 6 hours a month on sites like Facebook on desktop, and 11 hours via mobile? And let’s not forget other channels like Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest! Pixafy teamed up with Social and Content Marketing Manager @justin_butlion of @Yotpo to discuss why social commerce will soon become the eCommerce standard. The article touches on how people have learned to filter the enormous amount of information that is constantly coming our way, and how companies need to adapt their branding strategies if they want to survive (by @justin_butlion on @Pixafy).

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