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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: Sublime Text, Magento, WordPress, and More

Posted by Pixafy Team

Twitter: @Pixafy

What’s the latest tech buzz on Twitter? Lot’s of things! This week’s roundup includes topics such as Sublime Text 2, WordPress, and JavaScript. Take a look at the tips and tweets that we found the most useful, and don’t forget to follow us @Pixafy!

  • If you use Sublime Text, this article on visual enhancements for better coding provides helpful tips on settings, plugins, themes, and colors that will make your coding skills that much better. (By @joshmedeski, via @octavioamu)

  • This library on Github allows you to work on large bit vectors without worrying about system constraints. (Via @JavascriptDaily)

  • Minifying your JavaScript code helps reduce the size of the HTTP request and improves the overall performance of your site. This video acts as a reminder on how to do it. (Via @Elijahmanor)

  • Our series on Sublime Text 2 continues to gain traction, with this post on advanced techniques getting re-tweeted quite frequently. In this segment we discuss plugins, SideBarEnhancements, and more.  (By @Pixafy, via @SublimeTxtTips)

  • Smashing Magazine is a very useful resource for developers, and is especially popular in the Pixafy office! This post on how to create an admin-manageable Magento entity for brands is a must read. (By @Joseph_McD, via @fbrnc)

  • WordPress is the most popular website platform around, and for good reason. It’s easy to manage, offers robust capabilities, and there are endless articles on the web to help you learn more about it. Check out this article on the best WP snippets, hacks, and tips. (Via @ingozell)

  • Here are 5 useful CSS tips for responsive design, which covers media queries, box-sizing, and more! (By @Pixafy)

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