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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: Tech, tutorials, and tips

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If you happened to miss our recent batch of tips and tutorials, check out our quick recap:

  • This handy mega guide to maximizing eCommerce sales, revenues, and performance on all fronts is a useful resource discussing eight key eCommerce practices that will seriously ramp up eCommerce efforts and help increase revenue. From optimizing for tablet and mobile device expectations to performing conversion analysis with PPC, Heatmaps, and customer validation, these tips will help jump-start your eCommerce performance and revenue, and just in time for the holidays (by @JesseAarone on @Kissmetrics, via @Magento)!

  • This robust collection of jQuery plugins has something for both designers and developers, alike. From simplifying sorting, grouping and filtering to html lists with Listplus to easily pixelating an image on a canvas element with InstaPIXEL, there’s something for everyone (@thedesignblitz via @IoTHackathon)

  • What’s going to grab shoppers’ attention next? The prevalence of personalized shopping has altered how we discover, purchase, and recommend our favorite products to our friends. In 10 Predictions About the Future of eCommerce, founders from diverse areas share what they think the landscape of personalized shopping will be like, soon enough!
    (by @scottgerber on @Mashable via @matthilt0n)

  • Not surprisingly, mobile email opens continue to rise, and with it, the need to understand the significance of responsive design, as well as other mobile-optimized design strategies. With the free Litmus Builder tool, you can get easy mobile previews as you type, simplifying the testing process.

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