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Pixafy Twitter Roundup: WordPress themes, Sublime Text, and more

Posted by Pixafy Team

Welcome to our first Twitter roundup of 2014! We shared many useful tech tips and tutorials in 2013, and are thrilled to usher in a new year with a compilation of interesting posts ranging from WordPress themes to Sublime Text video tutorials. We hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to follow us on @Pixafy!

  • You may have heard that the new 2014 default WordPress theme is a magazine theme. If this isn’t your style then you should definitely check out this post that offers 60 alternative themes. Oh, and did we mention that all of the themes on the list are free? (by @wpmudev)

  • Our Sublime Text 2 series has really struck a chord with Twitter users, and continues to gain traction. Check out our tutorial, where we cover adding folders and how to properly save your project, among other things (by @Pixafy via @SublimeTxtTips).

  • This article on GitHub repository was put together to help index all front-end frameworks. It’s a great open forum where you can discuss your go-to framework, whether it’s Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb, and Pure CSS (by @tlongren, via @pdehaan).

  • This post looks at the analysis and visualization of the 17 million plus tags on the popular tech site, StackOverflow. Over time you can see the trend on the number of times tags have been cited and the breakdown between questions and answers (by @StackSearch via @qboxio).

  • Getting straight to the point, this programming language checklist is a must read for any developer (via @Backbonejs_).

  • Looking for tools or tips for a project you’re working on? CSS Zen Garden has great little demos and informational help to get you CSS style-inspired. Enjoy! (by @craigcook via @davidwalshblog)

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