Revolutionary technology that inspired us [part 2]

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It can be difficult to imagine a time when we didn’t have our modern digital technologies. Recently, we brought you part one of “Revolutionary technology that inspired us.” Here’s the second installment of technologies that have been influential to Pixafy’s team members. From the Apple II to the simple copper coil, they run the gamut! 


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My phone. It’s the obvious one but I rarely go anywhere without it. It even has the physical influence of the occasional phantom vibrate!

Thomas Lackemann

My first computer – it was where I wrote my first website using nothing but a text editor and HTML. I believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the ability to freely play around with Windows 95. ;D


My cellphone. I can’t get rid of this phone — there is always something exciting waiting for me when I open my phone! I want to sit and relax but my hand still goes to my cell phone and keeps my mind busy. So yup, my cell phone!

(Editor’s note:
Another possibility? Alien Hand Syndrome. Yup, it’s a thing.

Reid Mayo

My old TI-83 calculator. It’s what I used to first start programming (in order to not pay attention in math class).

Steve Hayman

I find that the Wacom digitizer in the Microsoft Surface pro does a tremendous job for my silly cartooning. And it’s a pretty neat feeling to draw right on the screen. There is plenty of fluidity as well. I can’t even use my Bamboo Tablet now because I was spoiled by the Surface.

A simple copper coil is pretty awesome, too. When I was a kid, my Dad was a teacher at a technical school and he built, as a demonstration, what he called a “Lightning Box.” Basically, this was two starter coils and a relay turning 12 volts into something like 120,000 volts arcing between two ignition cables. One day, he brought it home to show my brother and I, and it was so completely amazing to an 8 year old! After that, I got into electronics and computers, and well, now I play with them every day. 😀

Jean Silva

The GPS navigation system*. Gives me confidence that I will find my way back home after venturing off into unknown lands in foreign countries where I don’t speak the language to even ask for directions. *Especially the Android Navigation app where it shows real time traffic, spots, and streetviews.

Alyssa Hassell

I would definitely say my phone as well.  Though my first computer was clearly a pretty important piece of technology to my life, I can’t remember life before cell phones. Life without a smart phone is even harder to remember!

Jason Riemer

Jason R.:
The ability to copy CDs increased the size of my music library exponentially.

Josh O'Connell

The Apple II. It was the first computer I used with any regularity, in a lab in my elementary school. Oregon Trail and Number Munchers games were definitely fun staples played on the Apple II. I was given typing courses that helped me get to a pace I’m typing today. My high school was discarding their Apple IIs and I asked to have one, which they granted… it’s in my apartment.

The iPod. I bought a 2nd generation iPod used off of a friend in 2003. The iTunes Store for Windows launched later that year. It’s now been 10 years and I still have an iPod Classic (although the latest gen, of course), and can’t live without it.

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