Shopify Plus – Elevating Social Commerce For Today’s Consumer [eBook]

Posted by Pixafy Team

Social commerce is beginning to change the way people shop. Today’s consumers use social media to stay in touch with friends, share information on products they like and otherwise engage in classic examples of word-of-mouth advertising. Throw in the way businesses can interact with customers in a more relational way and you have a sales platform that can be incredibly powerful.

Think about it this way: A user on Pinterest may highlight an outfit they love and have it repinned by dozens of friends, who are then needing to follow links to your store if they want to get a closer look for themselves. Alternately, social commerce tools are enabling ecommerce companies to build purchasing options into those social channels so users can go right from sharing to checkout.

Modern platforms such as Shopify Plus are playing an instrumental role in making social commerce possible, and they are doing so through a combination of intuitive technology tools on the backend and customer-facing extensions that are creating new opportunities for retailers to engage their customers.

Download our eBook “Shopify Plus – Elevating social commerce for today’s consumer” to learn:

  • The degree to which social media is creating new opportunities for retailers looking to engage consumers across diverse channels.
  • How social media practices are evolving in light of new commerce capabilities.
  • What Shopify Plus is doing to empower ecommerce companies to leverage social media in intuitive ways.

Providing an omnichannel experience isn’t just a response to a new tech buzzword. Instead, the retail industry is transforming around consumer behaviors that blend both digital and physical interactions into their lifestyles. Social media is often at the border of these activities as users share photos, make comments or otherwise showcase real-world activities using digital tools. eCommerce companies that want to leverage these opportunities can take advantage of social commerce, and this ebook highlights how Shopify Plus can help.

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