Taking Your B2B eCommerce to the Next Level

Posted by Pixafy Team

In a recent eCommerce report commissioned by Magento, Forrester Consulting found that B2B companies increasingly turn to eCommerce and self-service efforts to drive their larger strategic goals, and that industry leaders specifically look for reliable, flexible, and complete technology solutions.

Integrating with Existing Systems

The report details how B2B leaders require that digital commerce solutions integrate with their existing systems like ERP and accounting, and have the flexibility to be uniquely customized to support their different types of customers. But many firms struggle to develop a fully integrated solution that meets their unique needs. Integrating with legacy systems is their most pressing challenge as this prevents them from maximizing the value of these investments.

Finding the right partner to help with integration and overall project implementation also presents a major challenge as success largely depends on finding the right third-party partner that can help them integrate these solutions within their existing technology infrastructure.

Forrester reports that to ensure success, companies must first evaluate the maturity of their B2B eCommerce organizations and processes as a whole, as advancing B2B organizational and leadership maturity correlates to more effective adoption of eCommerce technologies — leading to better business outcomes. By increasing maturity along this path, B2B organizations will better position themselves to fully adopt eCommerce solutions and get the most value from them.

Building an effective eCommerce operation is no small task — it involves developing an overarching eCommerce plan, choosing experienced partners like Pixafy, and selecting the appropriate tools and technologies to deliver a world-class B2B eCommerce experience.

For much more in-depth detail you can download the full Forrester report and discover more about how B2B eCommerce efforts, combined with the right technology partner can take your business to the next level.

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