Top 50 Pixafy Tech Posts of 2013: 40-31

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The countdown to 2014 has begun! We’re celebrating the end of 2013 by recapping our 50 most popular blog posts of the year. We’ve already shared numbers 50-41, so check out the next 10 posts that made the list!


This post is part of a series on the Top 50 Blog Posts of 2013:


40. Custom events in Magento


In this popular post from May, Pixafy Senior Software Engineer Emmanuel Etienne discusses how to create custom events in Magento.

 39. Thinking like WordPress in Magento:: Keeping content editor-friendly

Theming in Magento and WordPress

When you’ve been operating in WordPress for so long, learning the ins and outs of a new platform like Magento may prove to be a challenge. In this post, Front-End Developer Rachel Vasquez takes her previous knowledge of WordPress and applies it to making content editable in Magento.

38. 8 common mistakes developers make in Magento

8 common mistakes developers make in Magento |

Hey, mistakes happen. The important thing is to learn from these mistakes and avoid making them again, which is why we compiled this list of 8 common mistakes developers make in the Magento platform. Live and learn, folks!

37. Filters in Angular.js


After attending GothamJS, a JavaScript conference held in NYC, Pixafy developer Kurt Kemple was inspired to share what he had learned. Check out this post on filters in Angular.js!

36. Optimizing Magento series – part 1: Flat tables

Optimize Magento Series (Part 1): Flat Tables |

The first entry in a series of popular tutorials on Magento, Software Engineer Thomas Lackemann explains what flat tables are and how to use them in an existing Magento store.

35. Understanding WordPress’ $args variable – $args ye scurvy lads


$args (the $ is silent) is a common variable developers come across in WordPress. This article offers a thorough explanation of $args, as well as examples of where you might run into this bad boy in WordPress.

34. Mastering Magento’s templates in five easy steps [part 1]


Want to become a Magento master? Take a look at our first post in a series of five that covers everything you need to know about Magento, including installation, themes, and more.

 33. 50 essential mobile apps [part 1]

50 Essential Mobile Phone Apps - PART 1 |

Back in May we went around the office and asked Pixafy employees to name the mobile apps they find to be essential in their everyday life. The response was overwhelming so we broke it up into two different posts. Check out the first round of 25 must-have apps.

32. Configuring Apache to use mod_vhost_alias


We are always looking to interact and connect with our follows, and in February one of our readers posed a question regarding the mod_vhost_alias Apache module. Pixafy Software Engineer Tariq Chaudhry jumped at the chance to share his knowledge and posted this in-depth response.

31. Using the shell_exec function to integrate PHP and server software


Dive into the world of PHP – specifically, the shell_exec function, which allows you to use the Unix terminal to send commands and arguments down to software on the server and get a response back from the software.

We’re almost halfway through the list of our 50 most popular blog posts of 2013. Stay tuned for numbers 30-21!

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