Top 50 Pixafy Tech Posts of 2013: 50-41

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It really is crazy how times flies. A year ago Pixafy was in a different office space with a team about half the size of what it is today. We’ve made some big strides in 2013, and will continue to push ourselves further in 2014. To finish the year off right, we’ve compiled our 50 most popular blog posts. With topics ranging from Sublime Text 2 theming to fast caching in Backbone.js, these posts cover everything you’ve been interested in this year. Check out numbers 50-41:


This post is part of a series on the Top 50 Blog Posts of 2013:


50. 5 Frequently overlooked “Go Live” checklist items: Magento edition

go-live-magento-blog-graphicAs part of our larger “Go Live” series, we asked our expert Magento developers to compile a checklist for frequently overlooked items (like clearing out all test orders, customers, etc) for when a site goes live.

49. “Out-of-the-box” Magento SEO: 4 tips for optimizing your eCommerce site visibility

Optimizing Magento SEO

Pixafy’s SEO expert and Project Manager Alan Gagnon shares his tips on how to best optimize your Magento Enterprise site to gain maximum exposure.

48. Rewriting blocks in Magento


Senior Software Engineer Emmanuel Etienne gives us a great tutorial on rewriting blocks in Magento, a feature that allows developers to override and extend core Magento functionality.

47. Becoming a Certified Magento Developer Plus

Senior Software Engineer Jason Alpert

As a Magento Gold Solutions partner, Pixafy has an extensive team of expert developers with certifications to spare. This popular post has Senior Software Engineer Jason Alpert discussing the process of becoming a certified Magento Developer Plus.

46. 5 useful CSS tips for responsive design

5 useful CSS tips for responsive design |

The computer is not the only device consumers use for shopping online, which is why responsive design has become so vital to an eCommerce company’s success. In this post we share 5 CSS tips that will help improve your responsive design.

45. Why social commerce will become the eCommerce standard

Why social commerce will become the eCommerce standard |

Every now and then Pixafy is lucky enough to have a guest blogger contribute some really excellent content to our own blog. Justin Butlion, Content and Social Marketing Manager at Yotpo, shares his thoughts on social commerce and the importance of companies being able to change and adapt with the times.

44. Interview with Pixafy President Uri Foox!

Uri Foox - Pixafy President

Uri Foox – Pixafy President

Want a sneak peak into the mind of Pixafy founder and President, Uri Foox? Check out this interview from May where he talks about his first foray into web development, his passion for poker, and more!

43. From WordPress to Magento: Working with templates

Theming in Magento and WordPress

Working with themes on multiple platforms can be tricky. In this post, Front-End Developer Rachel Vasquez shares her experience with different themes in WordPress and Magento, the difficulties she faced, and how she was able to solve any roadblocks.

42. Tips for optimization: 10 most popular Magento tutorials


It’s a roundup within a roundup! Our compilation of Magento tutorials was a popular topic this year – having gone live back in October the post continues to generate an audience.

41. Theming Chrome Dev Tools

Theming Chrome Dev Tools  |

Pixafy Front-End Developer Kurt Kemple was doing some digging one day, and discovered that you can edit the CSS in Chrome Dev Tools, as well as inspect the web inspector. Check out this “how to” on theming Chrome Dev Tools.

Stay tuned as we continue our countdown of the top 50 blog posts of 2013, with numbers 40-31 coming soon!

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