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Turbocharge your concentration: Pixafy’s top “brain foods”

Posted by Pixafy Team


We all know that different foods have different effects on our body. A giant tub of Cheetos might be dangerously cheesy and delicious, but does it help get you through that final hour of a 5-hour coding session? We asked Pixafy employees what their favorite go-to “brain foods” are – what’s that one thing you grab when you need a little boost?

Patrick Coleman


I grab a Red Bull or go on a coffee run. Food makes me sleepy!

Esther Park


Pirate’s Booty, because it’s cheesy air. And chocolate covered raisins, because of the sugar high.

Rachel Vasquez


If a cup of my go-to antioxidant tea doesn’t do the trick, or a cup of hot cocoa doesn’t help me resist the sweet tooth, I’ve been turning to Greek yogurt. Protein, calcium, and fruit. It also helps to have a good breakfast – I usually aim for something else with fiber to keep me going until lunch.

Steve Hayman


I like Goldfish and plain tea (not necessarily at the same time). The Goldfish have a nice crunch and have been a favorite snack of mine forever. Tea was always my favorite drink (especially Earl Grey).

Alyssa Hassell


Baby carrots and hummus are my jammmm!

Tim O'Keefe


I always keep dried edamame in my drawer. They have a ton of protein and that crunchy bite that you’d get from eating a bag of chips, but without the guilt afterwards!

Kurt Kemple


I like trail mix. It’s got a little sugar, some protein, a few carbs, and gives me a good mental and physical boost.

Caroline Gabriel


Clif Bars are my favorite – they help keep me running uphill.

Gee-Gee Law


I really like my chai rooibos tea with a splash of milk. Nothing like a little bit of spice to kick off a project!

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