Upgrade or overhaul – Knowing how to adjust your site for constant growth

Posted by Pixafy Team

When it comes to their online and eCommerce presence, businesses today face constant pressure to innovate. Continuous improvement is critical with trends such as social commerce, new payment methodologies and emerging content types – all available as ways to engage shoppers. Organizations that can take advantage of these capabilities can optimize customer experiences, something that is further enhanced when backend data integrates properly with the site. Getting the right information to the right places can improve order processing, give consumers more visibility into shipping options and make online shopping more enjoyable.

All of these capabilities come when sites are consistently improved as new functionalities and shopping patterns emerge. This is where many businesses run into difficulties – websites built on restrictive or highly proprietary platforms. These types of systems can make adding new features to the site extremely difficult. Conversely, sites that are already built on a flexible foundation, or those that just need a visual overhaul, can be upgraded with relative ease.

Deciding whether you need an upgrade or overhaul begins with identifying where your site is at the moment. If your site is restrictive and overly complex to change, you may need to consider an overhaul.

If past business or technology decisions are hampering your current website, it is time to consider a rebuild. This may be a large project, but it can help drive new business goals, engage customers in new ways and improve site performance dramatically. A rebuild can be invaluable, especially when organizations:

  • Choose a modern platform that aligns with business needs.
  • Plan with the future in mind, not just the current requirements.
  • Consider what the business will need moving forward and build the site around those requirements.

Rebuilding your site has the potential to significantly improve your online presence. Want to learn more? Check out our eBook on upgrading vs. overhauling your site to learn more.

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