Twitter Roundup

Useful recent roundup of tech Twitter shares

Posted by Pixafy Team


Are you connected with @Pixafy on Twitter? For all things tech, be sure to follow us for interesting shares. Here are some recent great links we discovered and shared on Twitter:

  •  AngularJS is an incredible framework for web applications. But as with all new tech, there are some bound to be a few issues. Here, some AngularJS pitfalls are examined (by @Sander_Mak, via @rob_james).

  • This video shows how inspecting the :before/:after  content in Chrome Dev Tools will now show up in the elements panel! Works beautifully in Canary, too (by @paul_irish).

  • Designing for mobile is clearly not the same as designing for desktop. This article delves into mobile-first design and mistakes you should avoid when designing for mobile (by @lukew, @WiredOpinion).

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