We’re Pumped for Next Week’s Imagine Commerce 2016

Magento’s Imagine conference is right around the corner, and thousands of ecommerce innovators will soon be in Las Vegas to network, share ideas and discuss all things Magento. There’s a lot to check out at this year’s event, and developers, marketers, designers and salespeople all have something to be excited about. NBA legend Magic Johnson is even making guest appearance.

But with so much to process, we at Pixafy have our eye on a few sessions that we feel will bring a massive amount of value to participants. Let’s take a look at five items on the Imagine Conference agenda that will be difference-makers for everyone in attendance.

Day One: Conquering Omnichannel Retailing

Brand representatives interested in gaining the omnichannel edge will be excited to find a session designed especially for them. Led by recognized Magento partners, the workshop will cover the nuances of commerce order management, and explain the techniques necessary to master omnichannel retail.

Day One: Magento 2 Developer Deep Dive

As certified Magento partners, we couldn’t be more eager to find out more about the next iteration of the platform. This session will be perfect for developers on both the front and back ends who want to learn as much as possible about Magento 2, and how it improves upon Magento’s solid foundations.

Day Two: The Impact of eCommerce Site Performance on Bottom-Line Results

At Pixafy, we know that superior performance leads to stronger engagement, smoother customer experiences and an overall higher rate of conversion. That’s why we’re thrilled to see a breakout session dedicated to discussing site performance in the context of ecommerce. Be sure to check it out.

Day Two: DIY SEO – Laying your Own Groundwork

As we at Pixafy dip our toes into marketing strategy, we’re fascinated by SEO best practices and want to gather as much info as we can from the pros. This session is perfectly suited for our technical leanings, going over the hands-on tasks necessary to boost our clients’ standings in the search results pages.

Day Three: Today’s Buyer Journey – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

They say that customer experience is the next competitive battleground for e-commerce, and this session is a testament to the importance of a smooth, simple buyer journey. We’re interested to see what exactly makes for a great end-to-end shopping experience, and what does not.

We’re also excited to be participating in the Developer BarCamp and Networking event on Wednesday the 13th. Be sure to vote for Pixafy’s topic on site so we can make a proud presentation to the conference. Finally, stop by Pixafy’s party on Sunday evening to get in gear for an awesome week ahead. Register here.

If you’d like to set up a time to meet with us during the conference, please email imaginemeeting@pixafy.com with the topic you’d like to discuss and we’ll get you set up with the appropriate team member.

We hope to see you in Vegas!