Why CMOs Should Care About erpCommerce™

Posted by Pixafy Team

Chief Marketing Officers are continually looking for ways to improve customer experience while driving sales, from initial customer capture to repeat business — including cross-selling and upselling. Tools that make marketing easier are in the best interest of CMOs seeking to increase overall revenues, but the expenditure must be justified and buy-in acquired from other members of the executive suite.

The easiest way to get that all-important buy-in is to bring tools to the table that benefit each vertical in the company. When a solution is simple, streamlined, easy to implement and integrate, and delivers impactful rewards for every department, it’s a much easier sell.

ERP + eCommerce = empowered CMOs

Here’s how erpCommerce™ gives you all the marketing tools you need to run a successful website, while at the same time providing the technical infrastructure for integrations that your CEO, COO, CTO and CFO need.

Connecting online and offline sales channels

Omni-channel customer experiences have matured past unifying web, mobile and social strategies to create sales opportunities. Creating cohesive experiences that span both digital and physical channels makes it possible to offer seamless and powerful experiences from a physical store to digital interface and vice versa.

Maximizing customer spend with unified experiences

Consumers spend more in stores when they additionally browse offerings online, with the average purchase more than doubling compared to in-store-only shoppers. More sales equals more revenues equals a healthier bottom line, and the chance to increase customer lifetime value (LTV).

Making inventory available to broader audiences for increased sales

Through integration between physical and eCommerce, inventories formerly locked into a single location can now be more available, creating shopping opportunities without boundaries. Geographically distributed inventory enables faster, more cost-efficient fulfillment.

Providing a familiar shopping experience across customer subsets

Moving the sales experience online gives customers a familiar experience whether they are shopping for personal or corporate use. Access to personalized shopping journeys, diverse payment options, suggested products, and customer-specific “order again” lists can facilitate speedier purchasing experiences and heightened customer satisfaction.

Everyone wins, from the customer base to the C-suite

In addition to making marketing easier with a website that is fully integrated with back-end operations and real-time, company-wide inventory, erpCommerce™ has specific appeal for every C-suite member.


The Chief Technology Officer will love how easy it is to integrate the ERP with the website, ensuring customers are always fed the latest information for both supply and pricing based on a range of factors that can be preset to customer type, location and pricing schedule. No heavy coding required when there is seamless meshing between systems.


The Chief Operations Officer can be onboarded when they realize how much easier basic operations related to running eCommerce become. Unifying on and offline sales points leads naturally to automating and streamlining multiple steps from ordering to invoicing to fulfillment. It’s possible to both track inventory in real time and switch fulfillment points as needed.


Obviously, the CFO will embrace options that help automate functions and reduce human error. Accounts payable and accounts receivable are easy to reconcile in a system that updates bidirectionally and provides a single source of truth.


Finally, the CEO is happiest when there are fewer fires to put out and every department runs smoothly with the others. erpCommerce™ delivers all-important ROI, and can be scaled effortlessly as a business expands, supporting plans for growth and providing a foundation for future success.

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