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Pixafy is a technology agency based in New York City.
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Pixafy's unique approach to development ensures consistent quality and results.

Expert consulting & Implementation

Pixafy can take you through the entire process from architecture to implementation.

Comprehensive Tools

Pixafy builds new and uses existing plugins to create the best site for your needs, focusing on functionality and ease-of-use.

Thorough Content Management

We leverage award-winning partners to ensure your Drupal site is well-designed, both in function and aesthetic.

Mobile Integration

We have vast experience with responsive design and special mobile templates.

Our Approach

Our well-refined options will help you build and grow your site.


Whether starting a brand new site or relaunching an existing one, Pixafy can help you realize your technical goals.


Solely focused on achieving your web technology roadmap. Leverage our know-how and experts!


Once your site’s up and running, it’s time to iterate, evolve and grow. Our team knows how to help you make that happen.

" Pixafy was up to the challenge when we launched Sugarpova, experiencing thousands of visitors at a time and processing tons of orders during our live web launch. I'm extremely happy with the service and support from Pixafy. The team answers questions promptly and ensures my needs are always met. "

Max Eisenbud

" Pixafy exceeded all our expectations in taking what we wanted our website to do and making it a reality. They listened to what the needs were of my specific business and assured that they met all of those needs. They were open to course correcting along the way if something changed and always made me feel as if my project were the only one on their plate. I can't think of a better partner than Pixafy. "

Susan Sarich

" We are thrilled to have a new and much improved site, thanks to the hard work of our team at Pixafy. The whole process was very efficient and smooth due to timely, smart and helpful responses. We love the work that was done and would recommend Pixafy to businesses looking to optimize their ecommerce experience. "

Natasha Amott, Founder


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