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Aetrex, a leading provider of footwear that combines fashion and practicality to give people the healthiest shoes possible, is uniquely dependent on demonstrating its brand identity through its online storefront. Decisions about insoles, orthotics and specific shoe fits require a precise understanding of one's feet, something that most consumers probably don't expect to be able to figure out online. We worked with Aetrex to optimize the site around creating a clear, easily navigable storefront that allows shoppers to get the information they need to make the best purchasing decision and find the exact product they need.

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To help Aetrex engage and inform its customers, we built out their site on the Magento Enterprise Edition platform, establishing a solid foundation for continual improvement. For example, we integrated Aetrex's Magento site with their Elite ERP system, making it easier to interconnect data between their front- and back-end systems. The result was the ability to automate order processing, improve inventory management, accelerate shipping and simplify refunding processes. Streamlining these core site and business functions contributes directly to improved customer experiences. Getting each order right is vital when dealing with highly specific orthotic and shoe types, and integrating data across the various layers of the organization makes this possible.

Improving the back-end of the site was a starting point. From there, we established a responsive design setup to make the site easily accessible on diverse device types and to create seamless shopping processes regardless of how consumers interact with the site. Unifying every facet of the e-commerce operation is essential, and we helped Aetrex achieve that end.

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