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While the American Kennel Club (AKC) may be best known for maintaining its registery of purebred dogs, the organization truly champions the dog, sponsoring events and even selling pet supplies and services through its website. When the AKC sought to streamline and simplify its B2C eCommerce transactions, it selected erpCommerce™ from Pixafy for the solution’s seamless integration with both Sage X3 and Shopify Plus.

Manual workflows were burying efficiency

The AKC has been using Shopify Plus for several years, but getting order data into its ERP application, Sage X3, was a time-consuming manual process. “Orders didn’t flow smoothly into Sage X3 — every one had to be touched,” recalls Tom Patterson, Lead Software Engineer at AKC. “As a result, order processing took an average of two-and-a-half days.”

The AKC’s staff was also busy with manual workflows to keep inventory levels on its website up to date, transfer order details to its many drop ship partners, and import fulfillment records for those orders. Making matters even worse, without the ability to maintain accurate inventory counts in Shopify Plus, the organization often erred toward costly overstocking in order to avoid running short on top-selling items.

In addition, AKC’s accounting team spent long hours reconciling funds collected for eCommerce transactions to the payouts being provided to them by Shopify Plus Payments and PayPal in the Sage X3 general ledger module. The manual tasks robbed the organization of the efficiencies it needed to ensure its eCommerce initiative was financially contributing to its mission.

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Order processing time cut by two days

When AKC discovered erpCommerce™, the staff knew they’d found a winning solution. “erpCommerce™ directly integrates with Sage X3,” says Patterson. “There’s no need for a manual sync between Sage X3 and Shopify Plus — it happens automatically. The tight integration saves us time, improves our overall accuracy, and gets products in our customers’ hands sooner.”

The organization was live with erpCommerce™ in just three months, and the resulting benefits came just as rapidly. “Our average order processing time dropped to just four hours,” says Patterson. “Orders are created in Sage X3 in near real time and customers receive an order confirmation and a notice of shipment automatically.”

Single source of the truth

erpCommerce™ by Pixafy, which leverages Boomi as the middleware solution, gave AKC the platform and tools necessary to ensure Sage X3 can serve as the organization’s single source of the truth.

With erpCommerce™, new product records added in Sage X3 are automatically created in Shopify Plus, and changes to existing records flow automatically into Shopify Plus. Inventory levels are continually synchronized between the two applications, ensuring customers are always viewing accurate data. And additionally, erpCommerce™ performs scheduled exports of order and payout data from Shopify Plus to Sage X3, eliminating time-consuming and inefficient manual reconciliation tasks and providing AKC with ready access to current financial data.

Saving dozens of hours each month

The efficiencies gained with erpCommerce™ have allowed AKC to cut order processing time by two days, eliminated manual order entry, and are saving the organization dozens of hours a month, allowing them to focus on growing their business rather than managing processes. “With orders, inventory, and financial data flowing between Shopify Plus and Sage X3, we’re able to keep our accounting information up-to-date and accurate.”

With erpCommerce™, AKC now has a single source for its vital business data while hosting a vibrant, successful B2C eCommerce site. “erpCommerce™ helped us create a flexible, robust eCommerce platform that can flex with us as the organization evolves,” concludes Patterson.”

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