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Magento Enterprise Edition, Sage ERP

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Magento Development, Sage Integration, Continuous Improvement


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Citarella, a leading seafood delivery service, came to Pixafy for a Sage ERP and Magento integration project but ended up staying for continuous improvement and maintenance, fueling consistent innovation that let it create a positive customer experience. Since the start of our relationship with Citarella, we've helped it add a critical layer of intelligence to their checkout process, allowing the site to identify the best options for customers purchasing seafood and ensuring clients get the quality they need.

Purchasing any kind of food online is always tricky. Figuring out the best way to keep supplies fresh and undamaged in transit requires incredibly careful order processing and shipping operations to ensure each item is handled with appropriate care. This issue is even more acute with seafood, where freshness is essential and food can spoil extremely quickly. With locations spread across Manhattan and Long Island, Citarella had an opportunity to serve a wide range of customers, but it needed its checkout process to match its core business goal - to deliver the highest-quality, always-fresh seafood to clients.

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We helped Citarella achieve this goal through a custom checkout module that brings together data from a diverse range of sources to help customers identify the best options for the specific product they order. This includes choosing between different item receipt options, including in-store pickup, local shipping and more traditional ground shipping. The checkout system is fully integrated with backend data from the ERP and includes an interactive calendar and map that customers can use to identify the precise timeline for shipping to different locations compared to picking an item up in store. All of these capabilities come together to give customers a clear idea of how long it will take to package items and either ship or have the orders ready for in-store pickup.

Creating an excellent customer experience often comes down to transparency. In an increasingly online, digital world, consumers need to know what to expect when they make a purchase. For niche online stores, such as those selling food products, the ability to ensure quality is essential. Our work with Citarella shows that even the most complex packaging and shipping processes can be communicated to customers in intuitive ways within the checkout process, giving users the visibility they need to purchase with confidence.

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