Glassful Case Study


Technology Used

Magento Enterprise Edition, Custom Profile Creation Tool, Custom Pixafy Modules

Pixafy Services Used

Magento Development, Custom Tool Development


Custom Design

Glassful started with an ambitious idea - the brand wanted to create a new type of wine subscription service. Instead of cultivating batches of wine for extremely large groups of customers and getting people to subscribe to monthly deliveries, it worked to establish data-driven strategies that would allow it to build out more personal, unique user groups that enable it to better meet individual customers' needs. The result: a 21st century wine club that provided a higher degree of customization and gave users freedom to tweak their profiles at any time. We worked to help Glassful bring this vision to reality through a Magento Enterprise Edition website build supported by custom modules to help it gather user data and sort information to identify profiles that users fit into.

Glassful Screenshots, Responsive

We built a custom, interactive survey tool for Glassful that would allow visitors to the site to answer questions about their lifestyles, wine preferences and similar issues and combine responses to identify overarching trends in client wine tastes. From there, the data sorts customers into distinct groups based on their individual profiles, allowing Glassful to create bundles of wine to ship to customers. The detailed, nuanced information provided by customers doesn't inform just the initial profiling process, but it also empowers Glassful to find the right balance between getting customers wine they already love and exposing them to new labels that could expand their tastes.

Subscription services like Glassful are booming, as consumers use them for everything from video games and digital goods to wines and gourmet food. To a great extent, the attraction here is having experts cultivate batches of goods, giving consumers an opportunity to try new things without having to research different brands themselves. However, these services can also falter if they become too generic and impersonal, leaving users unsatisfied with products. Our work with Glassful shows how data-driven customer analysis integrated into the web experience can help subscription good services get an edge over competition and create an optimal customer experience.

Glassful serves as a prime example of how data integration within an ecommerce platform can help companies gain greater visibility into customer preferences. Integrating customer-facing and backend systems can prove invaluable in diverse settings, and Pixafy offers the combination of design and development services needed to drive success.

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