JED Campus Case Study


Technology Used

WordPress, Salesforce

Pixafy Services Used

Wireframe creation, WordPress Development, Data Model Wireframe creation, Data integration development



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JED Campus is nonprofit organization that works with academic institutions to improve student emotional health. The organization partners with colleges and universities and, over the course of a four- year relationship, will analyze existing programming and work with schools to build out ongoing, sustainable strategies to better support students. The overarching goal is to create comprehensive programming in areas such as suicide and substance abuse prevention.

When JED Campus came to Pixafy, they were looking for a partner to help them update an outdated website that didn't properly convey their brand identity. The site was not user-friendly and made it difficult for the organization to properly gather and analyze data from institutions that were part of its programs. It was time for a major upgrade, and Pixafy stepped in to help.

JED Campus didn't have an on-site tech team or graphic designers. The company relied on Additive for design and branding, but the end design needed to be backed by data to ensure it would perform up to standards. As such, we went through an extensive discovery process and used what we learned to establish wireframes for the new site. With these in place, Additive was able to build off our backend work to design the site itself for JED Campus.

Beyond setting up wireframes as the foundation for the site, we also built out the site itself using the WordPress platform. From there, we worked with our parent company Net at Work to create connections to the new Salesforce database that JED Campus was using.

JED Campus Screenshots, Responsive

By the time the project was completed, JED Campus had a complete WordPress site that was fully integrated into its Salesforce backend. What's more, the work went so well that JED Campus is looking into ways it may be able to stay with Pixafy for ongoing work.

When we work with clients, we go above and beyond the initial project to identify long-term opportunities for site improvements based on customer goals. In the case of our work with JED Campus, we created a fully documented phase 2 and phase 3 for the program, giving JED Campus a clear roadmap for sustainable site growth in the event they choose to continue the partnership.

Ultimately, our work on the JED Campus site helped the organization establish the kind of user-friendly presence it needs to achieve its core goals. With such a focus on helping colleges and universities improve student mental and emotional health, JED Campus needed a site that communicated its vision, allowed prospective clients to explore its philosophy and made its identity clear throughout the experience. JED Campus is empowering schools to improve students' lives, and they're able to do that better because of a site that aligns with their brand identity. We're thrilled to have played a part in helping the organization achieve its goals.

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