Junior’s Cheesecake Case Study


Technology Used

Magento Enterprise Edition, MailChimp, USPS Address Validation, Facebook, Social Sharing Buttons, WordPress for restaurant pages, AddShoppers (coming soon)

Pixafy Services Used

Continuous Improvement, Magento Development, WordPress Development


Custom Design

Junior's Cheesecake is a Brooklyn institution, but you don't need to be in New York to enjoy its famous desserts. A robust online portal empowers consumers to purchase items from just about anywhere, as a web transformation has helped Junior's align its ecommerce capabilities with its brand identity. We worked with the business to take a proprietary design that was a burden on its development team to migrate to a Magento Enterprise Edition setup that incorporated self-service tools. The result: Simplified everyday site management to go along with robust features that allow Junior's to handle more customers and create a better experience for those users.

At the start of our relationship with Junior's, the business was able to process approximately 10,000 orders daily, its site was not compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and it had just committed to a rebuild that it reverted away from after just a week because the new setup didn't fit with its business processes. We stepped in with the Net at Work team to help Junior's get the value its needed from its website, something that began with a visit to its office and fulfillment center to get a clear image of how Junior's operates on a daily basis. This knowledge proved instrumental as we worked with the business to optimize the site.

Junior’s Cheesecake Screenshots, Responsive

The Junior's Cheesecake website is now fully PCI compliant and can process and ship hundreds of thousands of orders daily. Furthermore, backend integration ensures data from diverse sales locations comes together in a central platform for users at the fulfillment center. This combines with an upgraded interface for staff, full MAVES integration and new admin access for a 1-800-based call center to provide end-to-end sales support and ordering processing. The improved experience for staff extends out to improved customer relationships, including better shipping processes.

Shipping food items is tricky business, and having items spoil or be damaged in transit can be detrimental to customer experiences. Improved address validation, enhanced delivery of key shipping information to the fulfillment center, better details in shipping labels and relevant data delivery to UPS were put into place to improve every facet of shipping. Improving shipping extended beyond just getting products to the right place to incorporating branding, gift messages and similar minor details into the packaging.

These improvements represented the start of our relationship with Junior's Cheesecake, but the restaurant and food delivery service is also working for continual improvement. The relationship is ongoing, and we're working to add new functions and capabilities over time. This rebuild began with a new design and some backend improvements, but it has extended through a relationship in which Junior's Cheesecake has the tools it needs to keep improving its web capabilities as customer demands change and shift over time.

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