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Living Proof, the well-known haircare and beauty company, was looking for a partner to step in and help it execute a new web strategy to better align its online presence with its business needs. We worked closely with Living Proof to identify where they wanted to move as a business and help them fine-tune their website accordingly through advances ranging from design to backend upgrades. In the case of Living Proof, this haircare and beauty company was working to ramp up its efforts to meet the needs of salons trying to complete bulk orders while also reaching individual consumers to increase its brand identity. Our work with the business helped it develop the backend functionality it needed to support a wider range of customers.

Pixafy stepped in to help the business roll out its new Salons Pros interface to support wholesale sales directly to salons. This was accomplished through a dedicated business-to-business login within the business-to-consumer version of the site. The complete site redesign included a platform migration and the implementation of a responsive site design to replace a mobile-only site with a platform that would work equally well on any device type. We did more than just give Living Proof a new look;, we helped it establish a site that aligned with new business demands and helped it better meet customer demands.

Living Proof Screenshots, Responsive

We helped Living Proof upgrade from Magento 1.12 to version 1.14, alongside a move to PHP 5.5, leading to considerable improvements to site performance. Furthermore, moving to a responsive design setup empowered the organization to establish a clean, streamlined visual presence that allowed for a common brand image on both traditional web and mobile channels. All of this added up to create a site that requires less maintenance on a day-to-day basis, letting Living Proof focus on creating the best possible customer experience. One prime example comes out in the innovative product selector we helped Living Proof build.

Living Proof's product selector lets consumers describe the quirks of their hair. This tool isn't just about describing if it is curly or straight; the solution also involves questions about what makes for a bad hair day and similar more nuanced details that enable users to get a clear idea of which types of products will work best for them. This type of personal experience is increasingly important on today's web, and our combination of services and expertise empowers organizations to take on innovative projects that help them connect with customers and further their brand identity.

Living Proof's web and mobile presence is a prime example of the kind of innovation that can happen when two great brands come together. The organization had ambitious ideas for how it could optimize its site around new business goals, and we were able to give Living Proof the support and tools needed to put that vision into life.

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