Maggy London Case Study


Technology Used

Magento Enterprise Edition, PayPal, Simparel, WordPress, Bronto

Pixafy Services Used

Magento Development, PayPal Integration, ERP Integration, ERP Migration, WordPress Development


Custom Pixafy Design

Maggy London, a leading online clothing retailer with a sister brand in Donna Morgan, came to us with a highly customized website. The organization wanted a redesign, brand refresh and replatform, and we worked with it in a highly collaborative way to make these goals possible. By the time we completed the project, we had moved the company away from a rigid, inflexible proprietary system to a Magento-based platform that gave it an added layer of flexibility and better integration with backend systems.

Our work on the Maggy London site focused on improving the backend to support the eventual rebrand and redesign effort. Maggy London ran a custom ERP and warehouse integration system that segregated data between two stores and made it difficult to share information across channels. We helped the business migrate over to Simparel - an ERP system specifically designed for soft goods industries such as apparel, footwear and home furnishings - and were able to configure the system to unify data across the entire Maggy London ecosystem.

We also supported Maggy London sister brand Donna Morgan by establishing WordPress functionality for blogs and establishing a Magento site. From there, we established a Bronto module so the organization could easily ramp up its newsletters and similar marketing content. This outward focus also came through as we integrated Pinterest sharing into the ecommerce system, creating an added layer of social sharing. All of this marketing functionality would be diminished, of course, without reporting, and we rolled out pixel tracking for both Maggy London and Donna Morgan. Apparel retailers have an opportunity to engage their audiences in diverse ways, but that engagement is possible only when the backend is in order. Our work with Maggy London and Donna Morgan shows what can be accomplished when background data and customer-facing content interact effectively.

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